Text editors are the backbone of several organisations across the globe. Be it a text editor or a code editor, both form a significant part of the daily workflows. There are some incredible text editors for beginners as well as experienced developers. 

Here is a detailed list of some of the best text editors available. You not only have the option to write, but you can do a lot more. Some editors are also considered as an integrated development environment or simply IDEs. Now, you must match your requirements with your workflow to land on the best option.

Best text editors for Windows, Mac and Linux

  1. Atom
  2. Sublime Text
  3. TextMate
  4. Vim
  5. Notepad++
  6. CoffeeCup
  7. UltraEdit
  8. BBEdit
  9. Visual Studio Code
  10. Komodo Edit
  11. CodeShare
  12. Brackets

Atom text editor

Atom is an open-source text editor. It is a jam-packed editor with tons of features for you. 

Atom provides cross-platform editing, which means you can work across various operating systems. For instance, Windows, Linux, or OS X. Atom comes with smart auto-completion, which helps you write code faster with flexibility and intelligent autocompletion. 

Atom comes with a built-in package manager that helps you to search and install new packages or create your own anytime. You can also split the interface into multiple screens to compare or edit code across several files. 

Additionally, if you wish to find a preview or place text value type in a file, you can do that easily with Atom. 

For easy accessibility and use, here are some of the features:

  • If you wish to add new functionalities and features to the text editor, you can open source packages or even build a package from scratch and publish it for others to use
  • The customisation and styling in the item are extremely simple. You can bring changes to the look of your user interface with CSS or add JavaScript and HTML features. 

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a text editor packed with new enhancements and features. Take a look:

  • GPU Rendering: text editors can easily use your GPU on Windows Mac or Linux while rendering the interface. Consequently, you can see a fluid user interface with 8K resolution.
  • You can have split views throughout the interface. The code navigation is straightforward as you have several options like tab bar, sidebar, Goto Anything, and Goto Definition. 
  • The modern JavaScript ecosystem has typescript, JSX, and TSX support.
  • Provision of sentence highlighting comes with features like multi-line constructs, handling non-deterministic grammars, syntax inheritance, etc.
  • It has a great loading speed and efficient memory usage.


TextMate is a powerful text editor that is highly customisable and supports several programming languages.

Here is a list to make you familiar with its impressive features:

  • You can add multiple insertion points to this text editor. For instance, you can swap pieces of codes or make numerous changes at once
  • This editor makes it easy to extract, match, or jump between the text.
  • It uses scope selectors with shortcuts or settings to sort out several issues.
  • TextMate uses bundles to customise and support several languages, workflows, and markup systems.

Vim Linux

Vim text editor is hugely configurable and popular amongst users. It is highly efficient and fast. Most of the UNIX systems and Apple OS X are included as Vi Linux. 

Now, we are presenting you with its features:

  • Vim text editor comes with an extensive plug-in system.
  • It is a highly persistent and consistent multilevel undo tree.
  • The editor is embedded with powerful search and replaces options.
  • You can easily integrate with several other tools to make your work easier.
  • It extends support for several programming languages with different file formats.


Notepad++ is a free source code editor that extends support to various languages. 

It is based on a powerful editing component, Scintilla. Interestingly, this text editor is running to reduce the world's carbon dioxide emissions by using less CPU power. The PC throttle reduces power consumption, resulting in a greener environment.

Take a look at some of the great features of this text editor:

  • It comes in a package, free of cost, with powerful editing components.
  • It also uses syntax highlighting and folding.
  • Along with this, there is a provision of search and replace tool with a customisable UI
  • You can also switch to a vertical tab or a document list in this text editor to bring more ease and accessibility to your work.
  • It offers you translation into dozens of languages and documentation on how to perform the task.


CoffeeCup is an HTML editor with tons of unique tools and features. 

Features include handy tag references, website components, completion tools, live previews, and more. 

Take a look at the pack of features designed especially for you:

  • Tag Highlighting: It helps you to highlight the ending tags as well as other tags, as sometimes they are hard to find in the code
  • Template downloader: provide you with a hundred percent response to templates. The template installer imports the designs into your HTML editor in just a few seconds.
  • It is an extremely fast speed with a wide range of short options. You can also create new CSS or HTML files from scratch.
  • It offers a perfectly organised logical structure that helps your project's smooth functioning.


UltraEdit tool is one of the most effective and reliable tools available in the market.

You can avail every application along with the mobile versions of UE and UC. Get free updates too.

Moreover, you get access to platform versions of UE and UC. With that, you can also sync all the settings on the cloud. 


BBEdit text editor is known as the leading professional editor for macOS. The features include searching and editing along with manipulation of prose, source code, and textual data. 

It offers plenty of advanced features. Features include auto-completion and Git integration, quick lookups, syntax highlighting, and more. 

This text editor is also helpful in web development; it has powerful previews in several browsers. You can also add special characters to HTML. 

Here is a list of some impressive features of this text editor:

  • It supports a huge list of languages and contains syntax checking for various scripts.
  • This editor is specially designed for Mac users.
  • You get automated completion tools in order to perform clipping and similar tasks.
  • You have folder listings that help you to organise the work. Moreover, you can browse or perform editing in your directory listings with precision as well as speed.
  • The interface is extremely clean, and the prices are low.

Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit is a powerful and simple editor for you to use. It has robust functionality and impressive features like unit testing, debugging, code profiling, and code refactoring.

Take a look at its features:

  • It is a multi-language editor with autocomplete and call tips features.
  • The clean interface helps you to work in a more organised manner.
  • The Komodo Edit text editor can track changes and make multiple selections simultaneously. 

Visual Studio Code

Visual studio code is an open-source text editor, free of cost. This text editor presents you with IntelliSense. It further provides smart completions based on variable types, imported modules, and functional definitions.

With this, you can debug your code from the editor or launch your running apps. Easily debug with call stacks, breakpoints, and an interactive console. 

It is highly customisable as well as extensible. You can add several extensions to inherit new languages, themes, or some additional services.


With CodeShare, you can write or copy code and share it with your colleagues. 

Additionally, you can share code in real-time with each other via video chat. Therefore, sitting in the same room and interacting is not necessary. 

It is beneficial to take interviews where you can check the coding capabilities of your candidate at the same time. You can use it for debugging sessions or for reviewing several codes. 

You must remember that CodeShare automatically deletes the code in its editor within 24 hours. So, save the code accordingly.


The bracket is a modern and open-source text editor. It is specially designed for web designers and front-end developers.

Brackets is a powerful, lightweight, and modern text editor that fulfils your modern needs. You can also avail a real-time connection to your browser. 

It provides you with the convenience of in-browser dev tools. 

Moreover, it works with preprocessors in a different way. As preprocessors are extremely important for the workflow, Brackets will help you to align with them in a very smooth fashion.

Note: Adobe plans to end support for Brackets from September 1, 2021. 

You can continue the benefits on GitHub. Alternatively, switch to Visual Studio Code, a free code editor.


In this tutorial we went through different text editors used for Windows, Linux and Mac. These were some of the best text editors available in the market. Keenly observe the features and tools associated with each of these text editors. Choose wisely. We hope that the information helps you to make a beneficial decision. 

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