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Debian vs CentOS

Introduction CentOS and Debian are on top of the list on Linux distributions. While having loads of choices from the list of Linux distros, choosing the right one might be a challenge. In this article, we will take the top two distros: Debian vs CentOS and run a thorough comparison.    Choosing one of them can be a difficult task as both have their advantages in many aspects. CentOS is an open-source Linux distribution that is used by big enterprises for server building. It is...

Debian vs Ubuntu: Head-to-head comparison

Introduction There is always a debate on choosing the best distribution system when one wants to enter the world of Linux. You can consider many options, but Debian and Ubuntu are still at the top of the debate. Both of them have their advantages, disadvantages, tools, and features. As Ubuntu is developed during the Debian testing snapshot release, they are somehow similar in many ways but still have their differences. Let us weigh Debian vs Ubuntu in detail and decide which of them suits your...

Best server CPU processor in 2020

Choosing a CPU for a server is one of the most difficult tasks out there. You have to keep an eye on all the different variables and performance graphs for different features. You should consider the core memory speed and cache to begin with. Among that there’s loads more factors that should be taken into consideration which makes the choice even more difficult. Because of this we have come up with a list of the best server CPU processors you can find in 2020. Let’s get...

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