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According to Wikipedia: a dedicated server is a hosting type where you rent or lease the entire server for yourself and do not share any resources with anyone.

If your ICT knowledge is a bit rough on the edges, this might seem a bit confusing. However once you have learned the vocabulary and understood the terms, the idea behind web hosting will be crystal clear.

What is a Dedicated Server?

This type of server is precisely as its name suggests. A whole server is allotted and dedicated entirely to your business and website. On this server, you will be the only one using the resources.

Unlike a shared server, all resources and hardware are at your disposal. You will get higher speeds and reliable data storage with added security options. You will be in full control over the hardware configurations and software installations.

While the functionality of a server, hosting service, or web hosting is quite similar, a dedicated server is similar but with much more possibilities. In short: they’re all used to connect computers on the internet.

connecting the world through the internet

Unlike other hosting services, a dedicated server comes to your discretion for the contracted time. Within this time you get to choose what hardware to add and what software to install which can be customized according to your usage (or website).

Why Do You Need a Dedicated Server?

In order to host a website you don’t “have” to use a hosting provider. Anything with a processor and an internet connection (like your home PC) can be used for hosting.

However when you use your personal computer for hosting, it will most likely slow down the process due to limited resources.

The biggest difficulty when using a PC for hosting will be to keep it ON all the time. Because once it’s turned off, the hosting would go along with it.

In order to maintain a fast and reliable connection, using a dedicated is the BEST option out there. These servers usually never fail and you won’t lose the computer power. The dedicated server is considered as the highest performing hosting on the internet.

It's like having your very own powerful computer with no one to bother you. Dedicated hosting is like living in a house and shared hosting is like living in an apartment building. Dedicated servers allow:

  • 24/7 uptime
  • Faster connection speeds
  • Lower risk of security attacks
  • Maintenance on the fly

Note that a dedicated server is not set-up only to perform one service. You can use it to host your website, turn it into a gaming server and much more.

dedicated server

How to get a Dedicated Server?

You can set a dedicated server by yourself. However this process tend to be pricy and quite tech intensive. However it’s possible to get your very own dedicated without going through this process.

You can benefit from a support team's services available on the service provider's panel. When you buy a dedicated server on 1gbits, you get a responsive support team to take care of your needs and requirements.

The 24/7 availability of the trained professional and renowned experts in the industry provides you the solution to all your problems with innovative responses.  

The features you will get from 1gbits are:

  • A maintenance team of leading experts
  • 24/7 availability
  • The ability to customize your dedicated server
  • An online interface
  • Stable uptime

Benefits of a Dedicated Server

Security and Control

The most beneficial reason that most of the people choose this server for their hosting is security. If you are in a business where there are loads of sensitive information, you shouldn’t choose a shared hosting service.

With dedicated servers you can install the highest level of security available. You make sure the safety of customer's data, your database, and applications. You have total control over the server without compromising on anything.

No Shared Resources

With a shared hosting server, your website and you are at the mercy of limitations levied. The dedicated server CPU processing power, RAM, and other essential resources are distributed among all the members who have rented the particular server.

If a single website on the shared server is running a bad script, all other members on that server will suffer the impact. You will also suffer the same if any neighbor has a sudden increase in website traffic.

Many different scenarios like this eat up your bandwidth, and you suffer in return. But when you have your very own dedicated server, you won’t even have to think about these issues.

Customization Possibilities

There is one size for all policies used to provide speed and resources to the tenants in a shared hosting service. But with a dedicated server, you can configure the server to the optimal specifications, which provide the most favorable scenario for your website.

When you lease a dedicated server, it is very easy to upgrade it as per your changing demands.

Save money

When you get a dedicated server, you won’t have to purchase all the sophisticated equipment and powerful computers. You don't have to buy or rent an office space to erect the facility for these state of the art technology hardware.

save money

You also don't need to hire a team of trained professionals to manage all the resources. You save a great fortune and win the title of owning your very own dedicated server with just a minimal amount of money.

How to Choose Dedicated Server Plan

Following are the things which you must look for before buying a dedicated server plan:

  • Your website expectations
  • Very high or normal traffic levels
  • Custom features
  • Streaming video or high-resolution images
  • Increased need for security
  • Anticipating growth in the near future
  • How powerful the processor should be
  • How much bandwidth you will need
  • How much memory will you need
  • Do you need a specific operating system

Wrapping up:

1gbits having six-years of experience in the industry, provide the best-dedicated server plans with a responsive and polite support team to cater to all of your hosting needs.


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