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Many people who have a website have heard of shared web hosting and even dedicated hosting. However, not many people who are new to the web hosting world have heard of VPS hosting.

So what is VPS hosting?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. As you may know the difference between shared hosting and dedicated hosting is that with the shared type, your web site is located on the same server along with dozens of other websites.

With dedicated hosting, your website is the only one on the server. The entire server is dedicated to your website alone.

VPS hosting is sort of midway between the two. Your website is allocated a larger portion of the server than in the case of shared hosting, but you do not have exclusive use of the server. There may be one or two other webmasters using the same server.

VPS hosting is a relatively new technology that gained its popularity pretty quickly.

Dedicated servers have always been popular because of all the features and the flexibility they offer but this is not the right choice for many because of the high investment cost.

Dedicated hosting is where you will have resources allocated specifically to you and you would not have to share it with anyone else.

VPS is where virtual servers would be created from one physical server and would be allocated to different users. Both of these options are popular with users for different reasons and choosing one of them might be a little difficult.


Given below are a few points which will help you select the right option.

What is Dedicated Server hosting?

In this, one physical server is offered by a hosting company that is dedicated to only you and you are allowed to customize hardware configurations, operating system and other specifications in accordance to your website requirement and use the machine in any way you want.

What is VPS Hosting?

In VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting, a physical server is shared by many VPS clients. This means that you use a machine that is virtually divided into many partitions.

And one partition is offered to you as a VPS server and you are given limited disk space and bandwidth that you can expand in future according to your business needs.

And you are also allowed to set up your own operating system in such a way to run applications that your website need to perform well that will not affect other servers present on the same machine.

Comparison between Dedicated server and VPS Hosting -

A dedicated server will cost you more for maintenance but will provide more control and high performance than a virtual server.

Dedicated server provides you full control to customize software and hardware components. On the other hand, VPS provides only software customization and control.

When it comes to flexibility, VPS is preferred due to its greater flexibility to optimize its resources at any given time as the website grows. In dedicated server all the resources are dedicated to only you, you need to pay for all the resources whether you are using them 100% or not.

It is very easy and fast to migrate from one VPS to another one but in case of dedicated server it is very painful to migrate between two physical machines.

VPS is much more superior to shared hosting in that just like dedicated hosting; you as the webmaster have control on server configuration. This allows you to have a lot of leeway as far as the administrative and technical aspects of server maintenance are concerned.

You are able to install and configure software and scripts on the server, and perform other duties to make the server perform as well as is necessary for the purposes of your website or business.

dedicated server

In that regard, it is similar to dedicated hosting, which gives you the same amount of control on the server where your website is located. But the advantage of VPS is that while you have the same administrative and technical control for setting up the server according to your preference, you also have the benefit of a cheaper price.

Dedicated hosting is clearly the most powerful hosting plan, giving you control of the entire server, but VPS hosting gives you the same type of control over server configuration even though you do not have 100% of the server dedicated to your website alone.

That is what makes it cheaper. It is midway between shared hosting and dedicated hosting in terms of price and space allocation, but is similar to dedicated hosting in terms of the amount of control you have over the part of the server allocated to your website.

VPS Hosting or Dedicated Servers - What Should You Select?

Control in web hosting

In comparison to shared hosting, dedicated hosting as well as VPS hosting offers you the control of your website. You would have more freedom and flexibility in managing your resources. Both of these options are at par with each other as far as control is concerned.

Hardware required

For dedicated server, you would have to invest in a complete set up of infrastructure and hardware since you would not be sharing it with anyone else. Compared to this, your expenses would be low with VPS than dedicated servers.

Here, there would be more than one user sharing the infrastructure and hardware so you would not really need to invest in your own hardware.

The cost

One of the main drawbacks of dedicated hosting is the expense that it involves. There would be an extensive amount of equipment and infrastructure that would be required which makes it very expensive.

However, if you are looking for an option that would be cost effective, then you might want to consider VPS hosting.

The packages for VPS that are offered today are very reasonable since the basic cost is shared. For this reason, it would be a very cost effective option with the same amount of features and benefits.


Performance and security

VPS is a little more complex compared to the dedicated servers and so you would be required to have a little knowledge and experience working with these serves. However, the performance level of both, dedicated and VPS server is at par.

You would not really have to face many instances where the server would be slowed down. Both of these options also offer good level of security for the websites.

Every set up would be isolated from the other accounts, which is one of the reasons why the security is not a big concern.

In a nutshell, if cost is not concerned and you want high performance for your business, it is recommended to go for dedicated hosting as all the resources are 100% dedicated to you only and you can expand and grow your website in a high performing environment.

And for a small and medium sized business, it’s preferred to use VPS hosting as it is cost effective and more flexible.

You need to be wise in choosing one between them after taking your business needs and future growth into consideration.

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