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Computers has always fascinated me since I was a kid and here we are. I love travelling for 2 reasons: the first one to see a new part of the world and second (the most important one) to experience the rich culture hidden among the country and people. I'm pretty good at cooking but very poor when it comes to baking.

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What is Kali Linux?

If you are looking for a successful career in cybersecurity, one of the first things that you can learn is Kali Linux. It has become a necessity and has been widely used by professionals who are into cybersecurity and who are working as penetration testers. This might sound new to you, but it has been around the market since 2012. It is a very unique version of Linux. With this article, you will get an outlook for Kali Linux.  Kali is a Debian-based Linux version that is specially...

What is a DDoS attack? 

A DDoS attack, known as a distributed denial-of-service attack, is a malicious attack that is attempted to disrupt normal traffic of a server targeted specifically, a service or a network by flooding the target or the surrounding infrastructure with internet traffic.  Such attacks achieve effectiveness by utilising several compromised systems in the way of sources of attack traffic. The exploited machines can include devices like computers and other resources.  A DDoS attack is like...

Who is the ISP?

Who is the ISP?


Jul, 21

Right now, as you are reading this article, you are using the service of your ISP to obtain information from the Internet. ISP, the acronym of Internet Service Provider, is also known as the gateway to the Internet. An ISP is a company that provides you with an internet connection for your home and office usage. Without the presence of an ISP, you won't be able to watch your favourite show on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. Anything which requires the Internet will not function until your ISP...

Different types of servers

If you are reading this article from your smartphone, desktop, or laptop, then it is because you have an internet connection that allows you to make connections with the server which is hosting our website in its data space. According to the reports by statistics, the global server market has grown to be 25.7 billion USD in the fourth quarter of 2020 (source). A server is more like a computer that is used to provide services to the other computer, which in most cases are clients such as website...

Head to head comparison VMware vs VirtualBox

Today, virtualization has gained popularity and is widely used for software and operating system testing. Users from every field to skilled developers leveraging the benefits of virtualization. If you are using server virtualization, you can run various operating systems on the same physical resources, reducing the need for physical dedicated servers. Using the hypervisor, you can easily create a virtualization layer abstracting the guest machines and other operating systems. It results in the...

Head to head comparison VMware vs Hyperv

Today, virtualization is the biggest trend going on in the market and most of the server workloads have been virtualized. Most of the company's growth depends on how well they have implemented virtualization in their system and how much they are spending on virtualization. But all the expenditure is worthy as it has enhanced the performance and efficiency, reduces downtime, and helps in reducing the hardware costs and many more. It is important that you must understand the criticality of...

Switch user in Windows 10

The majority of people are not the only ones who utilize their laptops and mobile gadgets. They may do significant harm to your operating system since they are inexperienced with your devices, whether you have a younger sibling or one of your elders who wants to discover the world of technologies. That's why Windows 10 lets you establish individual accounts for each user, each with its own files, preferences, and programs. Here's how to swap users in Windows 10 if your computer or device...

Head to head comparison KVM vs Xen

If we talk about the concept of virtualization that has changed a lot in any developer's life, hypervisors are the new technology that has been an addition to virtualization. If you want to merge the server space or in case you want to run several independent machines on a particular host then you can use a hypervisor. With the help of the hypervisor, you can control and manage your data centrally along with the implementation of virtualization. As with time, the usage of hypervisors is...

Side by side comparison IPv4 vs IPv6

Before we talk about the two elephants in the room, which are IPv4 and IPv6, you need to know what IP address is in the first place. An IP address is a short form of Internet Protocol, each device that uses the internet service in one form or the other is connected to a network via IP address. Moreover, your IP address is used as an identifier of the device which is requesting access to the webpage on a given network. If you have four devices at home, then you have one IP address assigned to...

Best text editors for Windows, Mac and Linux

Best text editors for Windows, Mac and Linux


Jul, 21

Text editors are the backbone of several organisations across the globe.  Be it a text editor or a code editor, both form a great part of the daily workflows. There are some incredible text editors for beginners as well as experienced developers.  Here is the detailed list for you of some of the best text editors available. You not only have the option to just write, but you can do a lot more. Let’s see! There are some editors that are also considered as an integrated...