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How To install Plesk on Centos 7


Sep, 16

Plesk is one of the widely used web hosting control panels in the web hosting business. It offers simple vps and website management solutions with single-click mechanisms. Plesk consists of webserver suite (LAMP), Mail server, FTP Server, Name Server applications etc. Plesk is a an enterprise hosting control panel and it requires license to work effectively. They also offers 15 day trial license which is intended for testing purposes.

One-Click Installer

The Plesk one-click installer is a script that downloads itself and determines the correct Plesk version for your linux server OS. You won’t accidentally pick the wrong version for your distribution. Paste this and the installer will download the latest version of Plesk (12 at the time of writing):

wget -O - http://autoinstall.plesk.com/one-click-installer | sh

If you get an error message, wget may not be installed. Rectify this pitiful situation like this:

yum install wget

To download older versions of Plesk you can download the one-click-installer file and run it with the option –show-all-releases. This will give you the option to specify your desired Plesk version with –select-release-id. For more information, run the file with the –help option. I’ve noticed that the installer is much quicker than on previous versions of Plesk and is finished in under 10 mins (as opposed to half an hour previously). This is presumably due to many packages that are pre-installed with CentOS 7, so not much time is spent downloading stuff. Nice! Once finished the installer will give you a URL to login with – usually consisting of your IP, like https://:8843

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