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What is a dedicated server?

What is a dedicated server?


Sep, 20


According to Wikipedia: a dedicated server is a hosting type where you rent or lease the entire server for yourself and do not share any resources with anyone. If your ICT knowledge is a bit rough on the edges, this might seem a bit confusing. However once you have learned the vocabulary and understood the terms, the idea behind web hosting will be crystal clear. What is a Dedicated Server? This type of server is precisely as its name suggests. A whole server is allotted and dedicated...

Cheap Dedicated Server with Bitcoin

Cheap Dedicated Server with Bitcoin


Oct, 18


Cheap Dedicated Server vps with bitcoin Our cheap dedicated servers are the right choice for those clients that do not intend to set up special and heavy systems but need the exclusive features and options available on dedicated servers. What Is Cheap Dedicated Server? We offer cheap dedicated server to those need low-cost dedicated server but powerful dedicated servers to run their own services. 1Gbits cheap dedicated server are also available at different locations in different world-class...

Dedicated Server With Bitcoin

Dedicated Server With Bitcoin 1Gbits.com provides Quality Dedicated Server with Bitcoin.  Our Dedicated Servers are located in The United States and Netherlands. Servers Activation will not take more than two hours . You can choose from different OS types such as Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Centos 7, Centos 6, Ubuntu 12, Debian 7, Vmware ESXI 5.5, ... 1Gbits.com have premium support team that you can trust. To buy dedicated...

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