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How To Install Interworx on Centos


Sep, 16

What is interworx? The InterWorx Hosting Control Panel is a web hosting and linux server management system that provides tools for server admins to command their servers and for end users to oversee the operations of their website. The panel has two operating modes: Nodeworx and Siteworx. NodeWorx is the system administrator mode for managing server-wide behavior and SiteWorx accounts. SiteWorx is the website owner mode and is used primarily by hosting end-users to manage their web hosting accounts and associated features.

How to: Install InterWorx Control Panel

Login to your Linux server as root, via SSH or Terminal .

  • Download and run the installer:
sh <((curl -sL interworx.com/inst.sh))
  • Alternatively, download and run the installer with NO PROMPTING:
sh <((curl -sL interworx.com/inst.sh)) -l

After installation is complete you’ll want to activate your InterWorx Control Panel License. This can be done one of two ways: Web activation: Go to https://:2443/nodeworx . It will prompt you for your license key and an initial e-mail and password for the control panel.

Login to Interworx:

  1. Login to NodeWorx

https://:2443/nodeworx 2. Login to SiteWorx https://:2443/siteworx

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