A good data center needs reliable switches. You must have heard the name Cisco a lot when talking about the network and its required parts. The reason is simple; Cisco is really big. Some of the biggest web vendors use this company's products, including Google and Microsoft and even Meta.

Cisco today stands at a higher peak than before and offers products that are ideal for building a data center.

The products of this superior and excellent brand are among the best solutions in the IT world; not only are they of good quality and have a significant lifespan, the speed and safety of communication and the network that is formed with the help of these switches is tangibly higher than other examples.  

Switches are actually the most important pillar of your network architecture in your work environment. So, you should be very careful in choosing them.

In this regard, Cisco Switches work otherwise! 

The advantages of Cisco Switches

The following advantages can be listed in relation to Cisco switches:

  • They're scalable—you can use them for home use to medium-sized companies without a problem;
  • They are easy to work with—even non-experts can communicate with these intelligent creatures and understand what the problem is from their reactions;
  • They share a good user experience—they have a simple interface and are easily recognizable and can be consistently part of the network system;
  • They are long-lasting—you'll save up to 30% on network renewal costs in the medium term by using these products;

All in all, our personal experience of working with these products has taught us that Cisco offers the best, but sometimes the price is a little higher than the cheaper options; However, no discount is unreasonable.

SG300-28 Switch

One of the most straightforward products of Cisco Switch is SG300-28 a stylish and neat can suitable for home use and even work environments.

The head-on front of the SG300-28 is equipped by the 26 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 ports, each of which has two LED lights, one for LINK/ACTIVITY (solid green which means there is a link between the port and the connected device), and the other on as for GIGABIT (if the LED is solid green, it means it is a 1000Mbps link established between the devices, differently, if the LED is off, the message is the connection speed is under 1000Mbps, or there is any connection through the port).

Cisco Ethernet Switches 

The better your switches are, the better and smoother the network will work. Our offer is to choose Cisco Ethernet. This category of Cisco switches are among the best in the market and can be used for data centers as well as simpler issues of any size. However, the good quality comes around when we pay a substantial price; in short, good quality comes at price. So, it is not that surprising the price of Ethernet Switches are a little bit gross. 

Important features of Ethernet switch:

  • It has the ability to connect to most VLANs;
  • Simplifies connection management;
  • They are sewn and designed based on frequent and ubiquitous problems;
  • They show you more clearly what's going on inside the network so you can find out what's wrong.

Plus, the reports we've gathered tell us they last around five to six years. So, you can count as an excellent solution for the growing network and data center. Another point is that when they expire, they are still durable and do not suddenly cause damage to the entire system. They just send pulses to the data center manager like, well, it's time to change us.

In fact, their lifespan is really long, but since the security and availability of the data center and network is a priority for any business over its renovation budget, it is better to change the switches after this period.

You can use them in any scale you want and every time they will surprise you by the fact that “we are doing really well”

It's common to use different products when we move from one city to another, but in all these years we couldn't find a better option than these switches in their niche in the market sentiment.

The Nexus 7000 

The nexus 7000 is the biggest and also a state-of-the-art switch for data center use and every large scale network. The big problem with these switches is their price, which actually starts at $75,000! So it is clear that you should go for this model for organizational and very large-scale uses. Working with the interface of these products is very simple and straightforward.

Upon a very single chassis, the Nexus 7000 will deliver up to 15Tbit/sec of switching capacity in, through 512 ports for 10Gbit/sec. Ethernet. It is reported that in the near future, Cisco will deliver 40Gbit/sec. on some 100Gbit/sec. ports. The user experience that this product shares is a new generation of Cisco's previous versions.

One of the reasons why this product entered the market is the need to develop large-scale networks for first-rate companies in the field of the virtual world. With the arrival of the new generation of virtual spaces, the need for these parts will increase on a daily basis, and to manage their fields and properties in the Metaverse world, companies need to order more and more of these products every day.

Final Words

In this article, we looked at Cisco switches and offered you suggestions for different scales and uses. By looking at the options above, you can have a choice in any scale. 

Always look for the best. We are an organization that provides the best; using its experience and expertise, Azaronline is trying to be a good consultant for organizations for the design and development of networks and data centers. You can visit our website or email us. Our experts will answer you as soon as possible. So don't delay and email us.

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