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What is CloudLinux OS?


Sep, 16

What is CloudLinux OS

What is CloudLinux OS?

What is CloudLinux OS? CloudLinux is a linux based operating system which is essentially a set of kernel modifications to the Linux distribution that implements features to enable system administrators to take fine grained control of their server’s resource use, isolating users so that problems with one account don’t degrade the service for others. Cloud linux virtualizes user accounts called as LVE ( LightWeight Virtual Environment ). Each LVE is allocated with a certain amount of resources. If a particular account receives a sudden large amount of traffic or begins to use a lot of CPU or memory, rather than slowing the entire server and possibly causing a failure, it will slow only that particular LVE.

Reaching a high level of stability can be difficult, sometimes unachievable, for many shared hosting companies. Sudden resource usage spikes, increases in traffic, and hacker attacks are some of the problems system administrators cope with everyday. For years, this has been accepted as a cost of doing business. It costs money, it costs time and, more importantly, it costs customer trust. Therefore, it is time to consider changing the underlying OS to eliminate those costs. In shared hosting, the most common downtime reason is a single account grabbing most of shared resources due to heavy site(-s) or unoptimized script(-s). CloudLinux OS is designed especially for servers being used in this way, making the situation where one or several users cause severe load or even hang up the server impossible. CloudLinux OS can be used on linux vps and dedicated server.

CloudLinux OS is designed for shared hosting providers. It isolates each customer into a separate “Lightweight Virtualized Environment” (LVE), which partitions, allocates, and limits server resources, like memory, CPU, and connections, for each tenant. This ensures that tenants cannot jeopardize the stability of your servers, causing all sites to slow down or even come to a halt. CloudLinux OS also “cages” tenants from one another to avoid security breaches. This way, unstable scripts or malware are not able to sprawl across your customer sites, causing severe harm.

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