You might wish to test an Android app on a computer rather than a mobile device. Or perhaps you wish to use a certain Android-only app. Running Android apps or even games on your desktop PC or Mac is straightforward and quick, thanks to the Android emulators.

An Android emulator is a program that turns your computer into a virtual Android device complete with software and hardware. It is a software that functions by imitating the architecture of the visitor device. 

Nowadays, it's much simpler than it once was to emulate Android on a computer. You can utilize native Android apps on your desktop or laptop by installing them there. 

Best Android emulators

Here is a list of the top Android emulators, along with a description of their most sought-after features.


Many users consider BlueStacks to be the most feature-rich Android app player available and for a good reason. This emulator has a ton of features to enhance the gaming experience in addition to supporting Windows and Mac.

The Keymapping Tool, which lets you design unique control schemes; the Instance Manager, which lets you run multiple instances of the emulator at once; and quality-of-life functionalities like Eco Mode, which helps to conserve resources even when running the most resource-intensive games, are some of its most well-liked features. 

With confirmed GDPR compliance, it is also the safest emulator available; your data is always safe with them. BlueStacks 5, the most recent version, is the emulator's lightest and quickest ever, enabling high-performance gaming even on low-end smartphones. 

The interface of BlueStacks is mainly a front end for downloading and installing games, although it is also possible to browse for other apps on the Google Play Store. 


LDPlayer is one of the top Android emulators which is Windows-based and simple to set up. Android 9 is used by LDPlayer 9 (the most recent version), while Android 7 is used by LDPlayer 4. 

Every app launches in a new tab, which is how the LDPlayer UI varies from that of an Android device (visible at the top of the screen). You can download various applications and games from the "LD Store" and Google Play Store.

A monthly or yearly subscription to the Premium upgrade will eliminate sponsored adverts on the emulator desktop and pop-ups and ads. Additionally, the subscription may lower network bandwidth, memory and CPU usage, enhancing your gaming experience. 

There is occasionally stuttering when playing games through the free tier, so if you frequently use LDPlayer, the premium might be worthwhile. Screenshot and screen recording facilities are available in LDPlayer. There is also a shared folder to transfer files between Windows and the emulator. 

Bliss OS

If you're searching for an alternative to the typical emulator, this is an excellent choice. Bliss OS, an open-source operating system, is Android-based but has many improvements and increased capabilities. You can install any of the four versions on Windows and Mac computers.

There are various installation techniques, all of which are described in its help files. You just need to follow the simple steps and restart your computer to run Bliss OS after you're done. 

The interface of Bliss OS, one of the best Android emulators, is quick and has many features similar to Android devices, such as the ability to swipe down to view alerts. Two launchers are available: Desktop Mode and Lawnchair (the standard Android configuration).

Bliss OS comes with the Midori web browser, Aurora Store, Audra Droid app repository, Notepad, MPV media player, NewPipe (a YouTube frontend), an RSS Reader, and Etar calendar in addition to the usual programs.


AndY is one of the other top Android emulators which is based on VMWare Player. The installation takes up a whopping 3GB. Keep an eye out for and reject any optional—and likely undesirable—additions the installer offers.

AndY's main goal is to bring Android gaming to desktop computers, and it supports both Xbox and PlayStation controllers as well as the use of an Android phone as a gamepad. However, this emulator's installation process is more difficult and confusing than that of the other programs presented here, which may deter some users.

It's unfortunate because AndY is quite impressive and could use some accessibility improvements. It allows you to root your virtual Android device so that it can run additional programs and is available for both Mac and Windows.


PrimeOS is just like Bliss OS. This means you must install it as a partition on your hard drive and boot into it. Because of this, installation is a little more challenging, but PrimeOS' installer EXE makes it easier by helping you create and install a partition. After installation, you can choose to boot PrimeOS when your computer restarts.

After that, it functions and feels very similar to Bliss OS. You have a complete PC that runs Android. Google Play is also available; thus, nearly everything is supported. Additional capabilities for gamers include script recording, keyboard and gamepad support, and more. 

PrimeOS's stable version supports Android 7. One of the more recent ones, Android 11 builds, also has beta versions. But since it's a beta, that version probably has more faults and problems. Otherwise, it is free. 

Our only suggestion is to be prepared to understand a little bit about how partitions operate; aside from that, everything is excellent.

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One of the best Android emulators, NoxPlayer, is still widely used today. As of the time of this writing, it runs Android 9; thus, the creators did a decent job of staying current. 

The setup procedure is simple. Make sure to decline the optional offerings, though. Once everything is set up, you can go into Google Play and get to work. Keyboard mapping was one of the initial features of NoxPlayer. The toolbar on the right side of the window will be familiar to you because it is now a fairly common practice.

You can also capture videos, take screenshots, and perform other tasks. If you're lucky, there is a beta for Android 9, but the main NoxPlayer is still on Android 7.1. 

This is among the better solutions for Mac users because a version is also available. Both downloading and using it are free. It is quite stable and successfully competes with programs like LDPlayer, MeMU, and others.


Next on our list of best Android emulators is MEmu, which is gaming-focused and similar to LDPlayer and NoxPlayer. Although it launches quickly and provides a smooth gaming experience, it isn't always the most stable; for example, it occasionally freezes and times out. 

Additionally, Chinese is the default language after installation; if you don't speak Chinese, you must change it in MEmu's Settings. The highest version available is 9.0 (64-bit); however, you can alter it by launching the "Multi-MEmu" app that was automatically loaded. The present version runs Android 7.1.2.

Chrome, Google Play Games, Google Play Store, gallery, file manager, and MEmu Guide are a few of the system programs already set up. You may also look for apps and games using the convenient search box at the top. You may also install apps straight from APK files using drag and drop. 

The key-mapping button, which enables gamers to use a keyboard, mouse, or gamepad, will be appreciated by them.

In order to share files between MEmu and Windows, you can use the shared folder button. You should activate virtualization for your CPU to achieve the greatest performance. Support levels are excellent here, with support for both Intel and AMD processors and integrated and dedicated graphics.

Lastly, if you want to change something in Settings, the available options include engine, storage, display, profile, appearance, network, device, preferences, and shortcuts.

MuMu Player

One of the top Android emulators focused on gaming, MuMu, is produced by Netease, the company behind some well-known mobile games like Vikingard and Onmyoji. The primary version is running Android 6, although a beta version is being tested for both Android 9 and Android 11. 

MuMu Nebula is a lighter variation that can be used with budget PCs. Downloading a file and installing it suffices for installation. It should just take five to ten minutes with some setup. Like LDPlayer and MeMU Play, MuMu Player has a toolbar that performs nearly comparable functions. With it, you can set key mapping, capture screenshots, record videos, and install APKs.

If you've used MeMU or LDPlayer before, you can adapt to this one fairly quickly because the controls and user interface are so similar.


A reliable pseudo-emulator that operates directly in Google Chrome is called ARChon. That indicates that using ARChon requires Google Chrome. Installing ARChon on Chrome is as simple as installing an extension with the developer settings enabled, but running apps is a little trickier. 

To use APKs in this context, you must convert them using a program. This one is most definitely for power users who are either testing or occasionally need to run Android apps on their laptops. ARChon has the advantage of working with Google Chrome on any operating system, including Linux.


Last on our list of best Android emulators is GameLoop, which is largely used as a gaming platform. Call of Duty: Mobile and PUBG Mobile are two of its most well-liked games; Tencent formerly referred to it as the official emulator for its COD games.

Of course, there are additional games, including various other games and other popular games like Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto V that can be played using this emulator. You can access GameLoop in a matter of minutes because the installation procedure is straightforward. Once installed, a selection of games and apps are available for use.

When you need to download something from Google Play, GameLoop will get the necessary parts for you. It does not come with Google Play stock. Overall, GameLoop makes a good emulator if you want quick access to popular Android games on your desktop.


An Android emulator is a piece of software that lets your PC emulate Android OS functionality on your smartphone. If you’re looking for the best Android emulators, determine what you plan to use them for. 

You'll need a gaming-specific emulator if you solely intend to use it for games; otherwise, your options will vary if you intend to use it for other apps. You should assess the emulator's usability, user interface, performance, and cost. In addition, the presence of advertisements in the emulator should be checked. 

Because some emulators could prevent you from using an existing account login, pay attention to the account login process. Also, watch for extra features like gamepad compatibility, recording capabilities, and rooting possibilities.

We hope our list of top Android emulators will help you find the best option based on your needs. 

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