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Unmanaged VPS Hosting

Discover the freedom and flexibility of unmanaged VPS hosting with 1Gbits. Perfect VPS for developers and tech-savvy users, our reliable unmanaged VPS plans offer full root access and control, empowering you to customize your hosting environment exactly to your specifications. Explore the benefits of unparalleled performance and reliability without the overhead costs of managed services. Try secure unmanaged VPS servers today and take your online projects to new heights!

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What is Unmanaged VPS Hosting?

Unmanaged VPS hosting provides users with a virtual private server where they have complete control over the server environment. Unlike managed VPS, which includes technical support and management services, unmanaged VPS server puts the reins in your hands. With unmanaged VPS, you oversee everything from initial setup to ongoing maintenance, software installations, security configurations, and server optimizations.

This level of control is ideal for users who possess the technical expertise and desire autonomy in managing their hosting environment. It allows for greater customization, flexibility in software choices, and direct access to server resources without the overhead costs associated with managed services.



Who is Unmanaged VPS Right For?

Unmanaged VPS hosting offers unparalleled advantages for those who value control and customization over their hosting environment. It is particularly suited for:

  • Developers: Customize server settings, install development tools, and run specific software configurations needed for coding and testing applications.
  • Tech-Savvy Users: Enjoy full root access VPS to configure the server exactly as desired, enabling fine-tuning of performance and security settings without restrictions.
  • Small to Medium-sized Businesses: Scale server resources up or down based on fluctuating demands without the constraints of shared hosting environments.
  • E-commerce Websites: Ensure fast loading times, reliable performance, and secure transactions, critical for online stores handling customer transactions.
  • Digital Agencies: Manage multiple client websites efficiently from a single server, ensuring each client's unique requirements are met with dedicated resources.
  • App Developers: Test and deploy applications in a controlled, isolated environment, ensuring compatibility and performance before launching to production.
Windows RDP Server

1Gbits Unmanaged VPS

Order an unmanaged VPS plan, and have it be activated within 15 minutes of payment confirmation. Providing fast and reliable services, as well as customer satisfaction, are our priorities.

Windows RDP 50GB$14.49monthly plan
  • CPU : Intel Xeon E5-2620
  • RAM : 64GB
  • Storage : 50GB
  • BW : Unlimited
Windows RDP 100GB$24.49monthly plan
  • CPU : Intel Xeon E5-2620
  • RAM : 64GB
  • Storage : 100GB
  • BW : Unlimited
Windows RDP 150GB$34.49monthly plan
  • CPU : Intel Xeon E5-2620
  • RAM : 64GB
  • Storage : 150GB
  • BW : Unlimited
Windows RDP 200GB$44.49monthly plan
  • CPU : Intel Xeon E5-2620
  • RAM : 64GB
  • Storage : 200GB
  • BW : Unlimited

Why Choose Your Unmanaged VPS Hosting?

1Gbits provides a compelling solution for your hosting needs, offering a robust platform designed to empower your online ventures. Whether you're a developer seeking full autonomy over server configurations or a growing business in need of scalable resources, our unmanaged VPS hosting delivers:


Cost-effective plans without the added expense of managed services, allowing businesses to allocate resources more efficiently towards growth initiatives.

Global Presence

Leverage our worldwide data centers for optimal latency and global reach. Our unmanaged VPS server ensures your services are accessible and responsive to customers worldwide.


Tailor your server environment to match exact specifications and requirements. VPS for designers ensures optimal performance and compatibility with specific applications.


 Built-in redundancy and resilient architecture for maximum uptime, minimizing the risk of downtime and ensuring continuous availability of your online services.


Benefit from high-speed SSD storage and robust infrastructure. When you buy VPS hosting, it delivers consistently fast data access and processing speeds for improved user experiences.


 Access comprehensive resources and technical assistance whenever needed. VPS for bloggers ensures prompt resolution of issues and expert guidance in managing your hosting environment effectively.

Features of Your Unmanaged VPS Hosting

Unlock the robust capabilities of 1Gbits cheap unmanaged VPS hosting with these powerful features tailored to meet your specific requirements:


Full Root Access

 Enjoy complete control over server settings and configurations, allowing you to customize operating system preferences, install software of your choice, and implement stringent security measures to safeguard your data and applications.



Easily scale your server resources including CPU, RAM, and storage capacity to accommodate fluctuating business demands. This capability ensures optimal performance and responsiveness even during peak traffic periods, enhancing user experiences across your platforms.


No Traffic Restrictions

Enjoy unrestricted bandwidth allocation, facilitating seamless user experiences with fast loading times and continuous service availability for your website visitors and customers.


Choice of Operating System

 Select from a wide array of operating systems including popular Linux VPS distributions (such as Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian) and various editions of Windows VPS Server. This flexibility ensures compatibility with your specific software stack and application requirements.


High Performance

Harness the power of cutting-edge Intel processors and SSD VPS storage technology. Experience superior speed, responsiveness, and data retrieval times crucial for handling high-demand applications, databases, and intensive workloads with ease


24/7 Support

Although categorized as unmanaged, benefit from access to technical support for network and hardware issues around the clock. Ensure reliable uptime and swift resolution of infrastructure-related challenges, backed by our dedicated support team.

Over 20 locations all across the globe

Our Dedicated Servers are located in more than 20 world-class data centers in more than 15 different countries, over 8 data centers in the US and Canada, over 12 data centers in Europe, and 2 data centers in Asia.







FAQs about Unmanaged VPS Hosting

Here are the most common questions about unmanaged VPS hosting we get from our customers, Hence we elaborated our FAQ to ensure you find answers as quickly as possible.

What are the benefits of unmanaged VPS?


When you migrate to unmanaged VPS server, you enjoy complete control, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness compared to managed services.

What are the drawbacks of unmanaged VPS?


It requires technical expertise for setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting without the support of managed services.

Do I need root access?


Root access allows you to manage your server at the highest level, making it essential for customization and software installations.

How do I install software on an unmanaged VPS?


You can install software manually via command line or use package management tools specific to your operating system.

How does unmanaged VPS differ from dedicated servers?


Unmanaged VPS for small businesses shares physical hardware with other virtual servers, offering a cost-effective alternative to dedicated servers that provide exclusive use of hardware resources.

What happens if I have technical problems with my unmanaged VPS?


While technical support is limited in unmanaged VPS, providers like 1Gbits offer 24/7 network and hardware support to address infrastructure-related issues.

How to set up an unmanaged VPS?


Setting up the best unmanaged VPS involves selecting a plan, choosing an operating system, configuring server settings, and installing necessary software via SSH or control panel tools provided by your hosting provider.

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1gbits is great. We have used 1gbits for the last five years. I could probably go into sales for you.

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