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High Quality VPS services in Germany

VPS gives you the performance of high end dedicated servers while minimising the cost of spending a hefty amount on dedicated servers. With 1Gbits VPS servers you can host your website, run hosting business and more.

Top-notch datacenters in Germany

1Gbits provides Windows and Linux VPS hosting services which are deployed on VMware ESXI. All of our German based VPS servers are:

  • equipped with hardware RAID controllers which will ensure your data’s safety.
  • set to auto deploy upon completion of the order.
We offer trustable and high-quality infrastructure behind 1Gbits servers as are:
  • powered by enterprise grade hardware;
  • all VPS server hosting plans are based on SSDs;
  • We support different types of operating systems: all Windows OSs and all Linux distributions.With only one click you can set your VPS with your preferred operating system.
For all our Germany VPS servers we provide a custom VPS control panel with flexible customisations: turn the VPS on and off, restart the VPS, change passwords, install operating systems and much more.
When completing the order, we support many payment gateways: from Credit Card, PayPal, WebMoney, Perfect Money to all cryptocurrencies.
Once the payment is confirmed you will have access to the Linux VPS within 28 seconds and for Windows VPS, within 2 minutes.
Discover new flexible VPS possibilities like never before!

Experience the ultimate in VPS hosting performance and reliability!

Get lightning-fast website performance at unbeatable prices with our Virtual Private Servers! Enjoy full root access and customizable resources to create the hosting environment that works best for you. With 1Gbits, you get premium VPS hosting services at affordable prices.

Linux VPS

Starting from

15 $

CPU : 1 Core
RAM : 512 MB
HDD : 10 GB
BW : 500 GB
Access : Full SSH Access

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Windows VPS

Starting from

15 $

CPU : 2 Core
RAM : 1024 MB
HDD : 20 GB
BW : 1TB
Access : Full RDP Access

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Starting from

15 $

CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2620
BW: Unlimited
Port: 1Gbps

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Why choose 1Gbits VPS Services?

All our VPS server packages come packed with a multitude of features, all designed exclusively for improved uptime, customer satisfaction and easily managed servers.

Web hosting Control Panels

1Gbits offers several web hosting control panels on both windows and Linux operating system and you can run your own website or a small web hosting server on your VM.

Networks and locations

1Gbits VPS Germany services are deployed on high quality modern Data Centers from USA, Canada and several European countries with a vast capacity of traffic to keep our networks stable and efficient.

OS Support

All OS types are supported and can be provisioned on our VMs and you will get the best performance and stability by the support of our VMware hypervisors and using high-end hardware from Intel, Supermicro, Dell and RAID high speed HDDs.

VPS Sever features

We at 1Gbits care about our customers and offer top-of-the-line hosting services. For your satisfaction, we include the following features with all our VPS plans.

  • Fast Performance

    Using power Hardware and RAID10 technologies on all our VPS services, we are able to provide you with very fast and stable performance. Our enterprise-grade network structure and the very high traffic bandwidth makes it possible for us to provide uninterrupted uptime of 99.9%.


  • 24/7 Support

    Our professional support team is always online to monitor all services and keep up the stability of your services. You can reach us through our live chat, email and ticketing system and we're ready to provide you the best possible solutions.


  • Administrator/Root Access

    On all VPS services you will have administrator access for Windows and root access for Linux. If you need consul access we will provide web-based easy to use consul for your VPS.


VPS Location
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    Fast Delivery

    All VPS services will be installed and activated within 15 mins and all the activation details will be sent to you via email.

  • 5

    Vmware hypervisor

    1Gbits VPS service are based on powerful and stable Vmware Esxi hypervisors which support full isolation, dedicated resources and stable performance to your virtual machine.

  • 6

    Network and bandwidth

    Our VPS services are available from over 10 locations including USA, Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands, UK etc. All these enterprise-grade data centers are connected to each other with high traffic capacity networks and provides unlimited traffic with 1Gbps port for all VM.

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