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How to Fix Bash Wget command not found Error? [Guide]

Wget command is extremely popular in tech, especially among Linux users. As it is a command-line tool, wget is generally called from the bash. This is the reason that sometimes, when you execute some commands, you may see a message saying, bash: /usr/bin/wget: No such file or directory, error [Bash wget command not found]. 

Linux Tutorial Jul 02, 21 by Nisal N 5 min Read
How to Fix Bash Wget command not found Error? [Guide]

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If you are facing the same problem, then we are here with a solution and the cause of its occurrence.

Let’s dive in and understand the topic in detail. Before starting, let’s understand why it is such a popular tool?

What makes it so high in demand?

Well, wget comes with a lot of impressive and beneficial features associated with it. It is an incredible and powerful command-line tool that supports you to download several files from the internet. Additionally, it will retrieve the file in various protocols, for instance, HTTP, FTP, and HTTPS. 

How to fix the Wget command not found error? [A Complete Guode]

In most of the Linux distributions, for instance, Mint, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, etc., the wget command is not pre-installed. Hence, when you try to execute wget command, maybe you can get an error message  as stated below:

bash: /usr/bin/wget: No such file or directory

As you have read, this error is called from the bash; therefore, you see bash in the error message. This message implies that the wget binary cannot be found in a specific binary path /usr/bin. That further means that you do not have wget installed in your system.

To be double sure, use the following command to search the file as well as the folder:

locate wget

You will see such output on your display, as shown in the given screenshot

As it is evident that the system does not have the wget command installed in it, let us install it.

How to install wget command

The most common solution for resolving the error, bash: /usr/bin/wget: No such file or directory that you see on your screen is to install wget command. 

The best method to install this tool is via a repository with the package management tool. It is an incredibly reliable as well as an easy method. 

Let’s begin with the procedure.

How to install wget on Ubuntu, Mint, or Debian?

To install wget command, you have the option to use two commands as stated below:

sudo apt install wget
sudo apt-get install wget

These packages use the package managers like apt or apt-get to install, remove, and update the packages. As you can see above, we have used the same package managers. 

Now, moving on! Let us understand the process to install wget on Fedora, CentOS, Fedora, and RHEL.

How to install wget on Fedora, CentOS, and RHEL?

The distributions like CentOS, Fedora, and RHEL use package managers like yum or DNF to install, remove, or update packages. Therefore, we will use these package managers to install the wget command. Take a look.

sudo dnf install wget

sudo yum install wget

Now that you have successfully installed wget on your respective devices, it’s time to check the command version. 

How to display the wget command version?

There are various ways through which you can check the version of wget command. Here we are going to use the -v option to discover the same. 

The command you have to execute is:

wget -V

Your output screen will look like this, as shown in the below snapshot.

As you can see, the GNU Wget 1.20.3 version is installed on the system. 

Here are a few examples of the most commonly used wget commands. Take a look:

wget command with -b option

You can use this option when you wish to resume the download in the background and continue your task as is. Here is the syntax:

wget -b 

wget command with -c option

wget command has the ability to resume the file from where it stopped rather than starting it from scratch. Use the following command to meet your requirements:

wget -c

wget command with -o option

You can use this option to save the file that you download with a specific file name. Take a look at the below-stated command:

wget -O


Undoubtedly, wget is a powerful and incredible command. As in this article, we have explained various wget commands with examples through which you can able to fix your problem statement. This article is helping you to fix the wget command is not found error. We hope that the information helps you to clarify all your ambiguities related to the wget command. Also, if you think that there is any other way through which you are able to fix this error and wanna share it with other users, then you can comment on your solution via the given comment box.

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