The Mikrotik operating system can be accessed through Winbox, a straightforward graphical user interface. 

Winbox is what you need if you're seeking a native tool to quickly and easily administrate your MikroTik Routers. Winbox is used to upload and download files to and from routers and continuously monitor traffic across all traffic streams. 

When connecting with this app, you must input your IP address, username, and password

You do not need to input the Winbox IP address if the default port has not been modified.

If you haven't changed Winbox's default port, you should be aware that one of the ways to access your server is risky. This can aid hackers who can access your server without authorization.

It is preferable to change the Winbox port to increase security and decrease attacks on your Mikrotik Server. Winbox's standard port is 8291. 

Different methods to change Winbox port

The Winbox program and the Mikrotik console are the two methods for changing the default port. 

We'll show you both approaches for changing the default Winbox port to 25282, but you can use any other port on your server in its place.

Change Winbox Port using the user interface.

In this method, first, you have to log in to Winbox. Try using Winbox to log into your Mikrotik VPS.

Winbox can be downloaded from the Mikrotik website's download section.

Once downloaded, log in using your server IP, username, and password.

You've successfully logged in to Winbox at this point. Select IP and then Services from the left panel.

You can view active and dormant services and their port numbers in this area.

Double-click the Winbox, enter 25282 in place of 8291 in the new cadre, then select Apply and OK.

You've managed to change the port at this point.

Close your Winbox session now, then attempt to log in again. You should place the newly selected port number after the IP address with a colon this time.

Change Winbox Port via the terminal.

Additionally, you can modify the Mikrotik Winbox port via the terminal. First, log in to Winbox once more and launch the new terminal.

Then, enter the command that follows:

ip service set winbox port=25282

This code can also be executed with Console Access or VNC.


Winbox is a compact tool that gives you control over MikroTik Routers and progress reporting. You may set up your router using Winbox, which has a quick and easy GUI. Even though it is a native Win32 binary, Linux and macOS support its use.

One of the security configurations for MikroTik involves altering the port number for access utilities like Winbox to provide security and prevent any attack.

We hope this article has helped you figure out how to change the Winbox port and increase the security of your server. 

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