If you are looking for the tools to carry out diagnostics and know the complete productivity of your desktop, then this is the place for you. Before we start with the CPU benchmark tools, let us first understand the concept of Benchmark.

What is CPU Benchmark?

There are times when you wish to know details about your hardware components. Now, why is this information necessary? Simply because one has to be confident that all the components of the system are working with utmost precision. In the end, the entire credibility and the strength of your system depend on how strong your hardware is.

Benchmarking is very frequently used by gamers. It further helps to troubleshoot the problems and even compare the system setups. When we talk about the benchmarking tools, all the benchmarking applications lookout for several important factors, namely, temperatures, clock speed, measure performance via FPS, voltage, etc.  

Why is Benchmark so important?

As you can understand, benchmarking assesses the performance of the components as well as calculates the performance. It helps you to track the issues and anomalies related to several parts or components of the desktop. Moreover, it also assists you to understand which part functions well and which does not. 

Sometimes, even when you have a great working CPU, there may be a low-functioning GPU. In this case, there occur several lags while you play games on your desktop. Besides, if both of them, the CPU and the GPU, are working well, there is a probability that one of them overheats. Here, the PC can completely shut down. 

The core factors that are accessed on a system are voltage, clock speed, and temperature along with several others. Additionally, in order to calculate the desktop’s performance, the benchmarking records the rendered frames per second and subsequently compares this data with the mentioned factors.  

Now, there are different kinds of benchmarks too. Here is an overview of them. Take a look.

  • Real-Time Benchmark
  • CPU Benchmark
  • Real-world Benchmark
  • Render Benchmark

Real-Time Benchmark

Real-Time benchmarks help to measure the GPU’s effectiveness. The effectiveness further helps you when you test the FPS ratings while using different video quality settings. They also track the performance of GPUs in different gaming styles. 

For instance, games with AAA ratings are much more intensive than some online multiplayer games like World of Warcraft, etc. Therefore, it carries out a significant amount of comparison and presents you with a detailed result. 

CPU Benchmarks

There is a slight difference between CPU and GPU benchmarks. On one hand, the CPU benchmarks access the ability of multitasking in the PCs, whereas, on the other, the GPU looks if the gaming experience is smooth or not.

Undoubtedly, a PC with a better CPU is likely to deliver a great gaming experience on the desktop.  You have the option to use FPS tests if you wish to benchmark the CPU speeds. 

Real-World Benchmark

You get to perform tests based on various factors. The tests include video encoding, image editing, and even multitasking. 

Render Benchmark

The Render test is extremely effective when it comes to performing a test on the processor speed of your PC. The only drawback is that it does not show effective results regarding how the CPU performs in regular conditions. Moving ahead, let us now talk about our core topic.

As there are tons of benchmark tools available in the market, we are here to present a refined list for you. 

  1. HWMonitor
  2. UserBenchmark
  3. Cinebench
  4. Geekbench
  5. 3DMark
  6. WPrime
  7. CPU-Z
  8. Sisoftware Sandra Lite
  9. Speccy
  10. RealBench

Let’s begin!

1.   HWMonitor

This tool is among the most widely-used CPU benchmark test by gamers in the market. Once you open the software, you witness a simple interface. It majorly showcases the results based on some factors like temperature, power consumption, fan speeds, the voltage of the computer, and many more. 

There are some incidents where you notice that your CPU is heating up, in such situations, this tool is extremely helpful. As you may be aware that when a system heats up, it results in shutdowns and system failures. They assist you well to deal with such unfortunate incidents. 

HWMonitor performs diagnostics by recording the temperatures of both your CPU and GPU. They capture the temperature under several settings and loads. 

The classic version is free of cost, but if you want to avail more features, you must subscribe to their paid version. There are impressive features that include monitoring the device as well as providing a better interface. You receive free updates for a time period of 2 years and much more. 

2.   UserBenchmark

With UserBenchmark, you can perform a speed test within one minute. The CPU benchmark first analyses the current base clock speed. After that, it independently tests for the mixed performance at core depths that range from one to thirty-two.

They perform tests on your PC and compare the results with several other users who possess the same components. Additionally, they calculate the effective speed of the CPU too. Every hardware component is scanned carefully. After the scan is complete, it rates every component, so that you can analyse which part of your desktop is not performing well.

The CPU test majorly includes three core factors, namely, floating, string, and integer. It’s not just great for your CPU and GPU but for the overall hardware components available. UserBenchmark is free of cost, so that’s another advantage. 

3.   Cinebench

Cinebench is another CPU centric benchmarking solution. This alternative for you is a real-world cross-platform solution. It evaluates the overall hardware components and their capabilities. This benchmarking tool tests the real-world performance of your desktop and is an extremely good option for high-end computers. The recent Cinebench Release 23 shows the overall advancements to the CPU.

You can get the free version on almost all platforms. They grade your desktop’s CPU with the help of 4D image rendering tests. These tests are an essential part of Cinebench, the rendering technology delivers the statistics about the Cinema’s 4D’s ability to enjoy the benefits of multiple CPU cores and some modern features of the processor.

If you want to test your individual systems, or even the hardware manufacturers can use the feedback to improvise their products. On top of all, it’s free of cost.

4.   Geekbench

Geekbench is one of the most credible benchmarking solutions available. It helps to benchmark your CPU by performing several tests. Some of the tests are based on new innovations like Augmented reality and Machine learning. Geekbench calculates the single-core and multi-power of your processor.

In the case of GPUs, Geekbench helps you to use APIs, for instance, CUDA, Metal, and OpenCL. They are also proficient in performing cross-platform benchmark comparisons. In this case, you can easily compare your Windows computer to a Mac.

You can avail the pro version of GeekBench which is a professional-grade solution. There are a bunch of attractive features associated with the same. You have the option to upload the results on the Geekbench browser and track the results by creating an account. 

5.   3DMark

It is one of the top benchmarking options that you can pick. There is a wide range of gaming benchmarks included in a package. For instance, TimeSpy, Port royal, 3DMark fire strike, etc. These benchmarks further help you to assign a score. This score can later be used to compare the data with other desktops using the same hardware components. It signifies how well you are doing as compared to other 3DMark users.

You also get frame rate performance figures if you select popular games delivered by 3DMark. If anyone seeks to overlock their rig, these benchmarks play an essential role. With the help of 3DMark, you can also check the potential or the stability of your overclock. 

You get a free demo to test the benchmarking capabilities offered by them. Later, if you are convinced by their provisions you can avail of their pro subscription. 

6.   WPrime

This benchmark tool is specially designed to test multi-threaded CPU performance. It calculates the square roots of the first 32 million integers across all the available processors. During the benchmark, it stores the time taken to calculate the square roots and later compare it against other systems. 

The primary aim of WPrime is to completely utilise 100% of the CPU. To do this, they use CPUz to detect the CPU count. The benefit is that, via this, it becomes clear how many exact processing threads are needed. This in turn reduces the performance loss that occurs due to multiple threads running on a single physical thread. 

It further presents you information such as clock speed, name, cache size, voltage, motherboard model, and speed or timings of the memory.

7.   CPU-Z

CPU-Z is an incredible benchmarking software tool that assists you to collect information about the devices of your desktop. Those devices are as follows:

  • Mainboard 
  • Chipset
  • Processor name and number
  • Cache levels
  • Memory type
  • Timings
  • Module specifications
  • Real-time measurement of each core’s internal frequency

In a nutshell, you get a complete overview of your desktop's hardware specifications, especially specifications, especially the CPU.

8.   SiSoftware Sandra Lite

Here is another powerful features-packed CPU speed test solution. SiSoftware Sandra Lite is a complete package and a diagnostic and analyser tool. It delivers all the information and data about your hardware and software. 

If you know the ins and outs of working on a computer or own a business and want a detailed analysis of various systems, this tool is for you.

You can easily benchmark the memory bandwidth, network performance, or even power efficiency of your computer with complete ease. Moreover, get the information regarding the CPU, chipset, AGP, PCI, ODBC, Connections, and much more. You can carry out comparisons at both high and low-level. 

Besides, there is a provision to disable hyper-threading to use only physical cores or modules or even disable multi-core to use only some sockets or packages. 

SiSoftware Sandra Lite keeps an online database. They in turn benchmark your online connection or the components and perform a comparison of your performance with other processors. This comparison further helps you to analyse whether you have to upgrade or not.

9.   Speccy

CCleaner created speccy. It is one of the most widely used computer benchmark test by the gaming community. Speccy runs as a complete scan of the overall components of the PC. 

The latest version includes ample improvisations. Take a look.

  • Bug fixes
  • Improved 32-bit build architecture
  • Updated GPU information
  • Sensor tracking
  • Gui improvements
  • Language support

You can also avail additional information regarding your fan speeds, temperature, voltage, and much more. The layout of Speccy is extremely user-friendly and delivers an easy to read hardware configuration of the PC.

10.  RealBench

RealBench is an incredible real-world CPU benchmarking suite. It performs 4 major tests. They are as follows:

  • Heavy multitasking
  • Image editing
  • OpenCL 
  • H.264 video encoding

The latest version is loaded with power-packed features as mentioned below.

  • It supports the latest hardware
  • The benchmark time is reduced to approximately 5 minutes so that users can spend more time on system tweaks
  • Optimization of different tests in the benchmarks

If you want to perform a comparison you can upload your data to their website. RealBench compares your data with other hardware configurations of the system and checks where you stand.  You can avoid stress testing and rather simulate a regular course load. Besides, there is of course the availability of stress testing. Use the feature as per your requirement.


CPU benchmarking tools are essential to calculate and analyse the overall health of your system. These were a few of the best tools available for you. Understand the features of each alternative and then land on your decision. We hope that the data in this article assists you and solves your queries related to the topic. 

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