Technology is advancing and having sound knowledge about a specific programming language is not enough anymore. You need to work on your technical skills to make your space in the top giant companies. If you are wondering what programming languages will cover all the basics for creating your application. Several things together help in creating an innovative application.

Well, this article will discuss the essential programming languages in your resume in 2022. With the below-mentioned programming languages, you can learn programming and smoothly kick start your career.


As per the survey conducted in 2020, JavaScript is one of the preferred programming languages. It has become popular among developers as a front-end web development language. Some top giants in the market, such as Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter, rely on JavaScript to create interactive web pages and provide dynamic content to their end-users. There are multiple sites where you can find JavaScript tutorials to learn from basics to advanced. 

The use of JavaScript is limited to the front-end language, but you can use it on the server-side using Node.js, helping you create scalable network-based applications. There are multiple node.js tutorials: a single google search away. 

JavaScript includes a flexible and easy-to-understand syntax, making it popular among beginners. You can choose any online resources to get started and try online editors to practice your coding skills.

Swift Apple

If you want to develop Apple applications (desktop and mobile), Swift is the preferred programming language. In 2014, Apple introduced Swift iOS as a programming language best suited for effortlessly developing iOS and macOS applications.

Many developers prefer it due to its high-end performance and flexibility. It allows the developers to create applications from scratch to meet the modern-world development requirements. The development using Swift does not limit the iPhone and iPad but also iWatch and tvOS. You can easily learn Swift with thousands of resources from books, and videos, to tutorials that can be found on the internet. 

Due to the popularity of Apple products among people, swift has a long-term scope. You can start learning Swift today and include it in your coding skills for better job opportunities.


If you know Java concepts, you can try learning the modern world programming language- Scala, with the same concepts as Java. Scala is famous as it offers the combination of the best features of Java, such as OOPS JVM runtime with new techniques.

Being a functional programming language, Scala allows the developers to improve the code's quality to another level using advanced mathematics. Some standard features of Scala are concurrent programming, handling complex procedures without failure, etc. it is a strongly types language, allowing the users to create customized data types, easy debugging of complex code, etc.


Go is another preferred programming language on the list. Go is an open-source language, allowing the developers to make the required changes to the source code to improve the functionality. Google has introduced it as a low-level language.

It is well-suited for the engineers who are willing to enter the system programming and play with the circuits, hardware mechanisms, etc. it extracts most of the features of C language and C++ programming but has a light syntax that is easy to understand and learn.

You can use this language for creating advanced web servers, data pipelines, and packages for machine learning. Being a compiled language, it offers a prompt runtime.


Python is the language of the modern world and is used everywhere. It is one of the top user-friendly programming languages due to its clear syntax, intuitiveness, flexibility, compatibility, etc., making it more popular among every developer. Due to its variety of applications, it is preferred over other alternatives.

There are many resources available to learn python from the comfort of your home. From python basics to advanced python courses are available freely or sometimes for a subscription fee. 

If you want to set foot in the back-end development, you can simply go for Python. There are online python compilers where you can run your code without using any additional software. 

You can check here on how to install Python on your systems! Read more

Python comes with a wide range of packages and plugins, making it more functional and valuable in scientific, mathematical, engineering fields. Not only this, several packages make it suitable to be used in data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. At first, you might find it difficult to get along with the vast syllabus, but it is worth learning to get high package job opportunities.


It is the newest addition to the list of programming languages that begins with a thesis at Harvard University. Now, it has gained popularity among users, especially front-end developers across the globe.

You can use Elm to create a client-side interface without using declarative trapping as HTML and CSS. Elim compiles to JavaScript, thus creating fast UIs without any runtime error or complications. 


In most cases, Ruby is used for the ruby on rails web application framework. It is one of the commonly used scripting languages for web-based developments. It is popular among beginners as it comes with a comprehensive, active, and robust user community, helping you with Ruby-related issues.

But it is not the only reason to learn Ruby. You will also get an easy syntax. Even the top giants in the market, such as Twitter, Bloomberg, etc., are using Ruby for creating websites.


C# (C sharp) is a commonly used, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language created using the foundation of the C language. Microsoft created it as a part of the .Net framework suitable for creating Windows-based applications.

C# also has a similar syntax as other languages based on C languages, such as C++. It has easy syntax, which is easy to learn and understand. You can use it to develop Microsoft cross-platform applications on the Xaramin platform. Not only this, you can go for this language to create VR (virtual reality) based applications, games, etc.

You can learn to code C# through coding classes available on the internet or through physical classes. You can find many C# tutorials on sites like Udemy, Code Acadamy and Coursera. 


Rust is another addition to your programming skills. As per the survey, most people use Rust programming language to develop several applications. Mozilla Corporation introduced Rust, especially for low-level programming, just like C and C++.

Rust language is prevalent due to its features of speed and security. It writes "safe code" and prevents it from accessing those parts of memory that nobody should and crashes the system—some major companies like Dropbox and Coursera leverage Rust's programming language's advantages.

You might find it difficult to get along with it compared to other languages. This is a highly paid skill in the market.


Whenever you decide which programming language to hone and add to your skillset, you must understand its usage and how it will help you improve your existing skills. There is a vast pool of programming languages that are good in different ways. But choosing the right one that will help you develop all-rounder skills is the right one to continue.

As the programming field is growing faster and broader, new technologies are introduced constantly; we need a programming language that is compatible with all future requirements. Thus having a single skill set will not be enough. You need to learn two or more languages to make your presence.