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Enhance your digital footprint with our Washington D.C. Dedicated Servers

With all dedicated resources:

Exceptional performance and reliability tailored for specific business needs.
High-capacity solutions in premium Washington D.C. data centers.
Configured to meet distinct business demands.
Seamless access to robust hosting solutions within Washington DC Dedicated Servers

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1gbits dedicated server

Buy Washington DC Dedicated Servers

Seeking to enhance your online presence with unmatched reliability and performance in the United States? Benefit from our Washington D.C. Dedicated Servers, situated in top-tier data centers within the city. These servers provide customizable configurations perfectly aligned with your business requirements. Experience a simplified ordering process, swift deployment, and 24/7 expert support when you buy our VPS hosting services.

What Is a Cheap Dedicated Server?

For a cheap dedicated server solution, look no further - we provide hosting for those who need powerful dedicated servers to run their services without breaking the bank.
These incredibly cost-efficient servers are available worldwide (check the locations list below) in our prime data centers.
All of our dedicated servers:

run on enterprise-grade Supermicro hardware and Intel CPUs;
come with a 1Gbps network port and your chosen OS from the OS list provided.

Even though the server comes with a pre-installed OS, you have unlimited reinstalls at your disposal once the order is confirmed.
For your ultimate convenience:

choose between SSD or HDD storage for your dedicated server, depending on your needs;
When completing the order, we support many payment gateways: from Credit Card, PayPal, WebMoney, Perfect Money to all cryptocurrencies.

And even though the prices won’t hurt your wallet, the quality of services will definitely serve you well above satisfactory. Care is completely maintained throughout all of our dedicated servers - we stand strong with our 99.9% uptime guarantee.
Once the payment is confirmed, the possibilities and resources of dedicated servers are in your hands! Do whatever you need, whenever you want.

Cheap Dedicated Server

Cheap Washington D.C. VPS Plans

Get started effortlessly with our cost-effective Linux VPS plans, typically ready within 15 minutes of payment. Our rapid activation ensures swift access to your VPS. Count on our commitment to delivering fast and reliable services to ensure your satisfaction with our offerings.

CPU types
50 GB
50 GB


DS Intel Xeon E3 1230 V2Intel Xeon E3 1230 V2 8 GB DDR31*1TB SATA or 1*120GB SSD10TB @ 1Gbps86$ monthly
DS Intel Xeon E3 1230 V2Intel Xeon E3 1230 V2 8 GB DDR31*1TB SATA or 1*120GB SSD10TB @ 1Gbps86$ monthly
DS Intel Xeon E3 1230 V2Intel Xeon E3 1230 V2 8 GB DDR31*1TB SATA or 1*120GB SSD10TB @ 1Gbps86$ monthly
DS Intel Xeon E3 1230 V2Intel Xeon E3 1230 V2 8 GB DDR31*1TB SATA or 1*120GB SSD10TB @ 1Gbps86$ monthly

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We have a lot more dedicated server options with different configurations and from multiple countries. You can click here to check our full list of dedicated server plans.

We All Dedicated Server

Why 1Gbits Dedicated servers?

Our fast, stable, and cheap dedicated servers do not only come with high performance but also offer several advantages, such as:

High End Enterprise Hardware

Built upon Intel and Supermicro enterprise-grade hardware, our Washington D.C. Dedicated Servers provide the foundation for high-performance hosting. Tailor your server configurations, selecting hardware, storage options (SSD or HDD), and operating systems precisely aligned with your business needs.

Vast Range of Payment Gateways

Recognizing the importance of smooth transactions, we offer a wide range of secure payment options. Choose our USA VPS from various payment gateways, including credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, Bitcoin, Perfectmoney, Webmoney, and a variety of cryptocurrencies for your convenience.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated support team stands by, ready to assist you at any hour. Whether it's guidance during setup, resolving queries, or fixing glitches, our experts ensure a seamless and hassle-free hosting experience for you.

Dedicated Server Hosting FAQs

Here are the most common questions about dedicated server hosting we get from our customers, Hence we elaborated our FAQ to ensure you find answers as quickly as possible.

What is a dedicated server? 


A dedicated server is a type of hosting where the entire server is allocated to a single user or entity, providing exclusive use of resources for their specific needs.

What are the advantages of hosting in Washington D.C.?


Hosting in Washington D.C. offers advantages like exceptional infrastructure, robust network connections, access to advanced technology, and being situated in a tech hub that fosters innovation and digital growth.

Do I get root access to my dedicated server?


Yes, you will have root access to your dedicated server, granting you complete control over its configuration and settings.

What is server location? 


Server location refers to the physical geographical location where a server is situated, impacting factors such as latency, connection speed, and data access for users in specific regions.

How long will it take for my dedicated server to be ready?


Typically, 1Gbits Washington DC dedicated servers are ready within a short time frame, often within 15 minutes, after payment confirmation.

Where are the dedicaDoes server location affect SEO? 


Server location can influence SEO by impacting website loading speeds and latency. Closer server locations to the target audience may result in faster website loading times, which can positively affect SEO rankings.

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Margo KMargo N

1gbits is great. We have used 1gbits for the last five years. I could probably go into sales for you.

Margo KJohn S

1gbits is great. We have used 1gbits for the last five years. I could probably go into sales for you.