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As a true connoisseur of immersive gaming experiences, you deserve nothing but the best. That's why we present to you the V Rising Dedicated Server.

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Unlock the full potential of V Rising with our dedicated servers. 

  • Embrace unparalleled performance, customization, and security. 
  • Choose your plan today and immerse yourself in a gaming realm like never before. 
  • Don't settle for the ordinary—choose 1Gbits for extraordinary adventures.

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Elevate Your Gameplay with V Rising Dedicated Servers - Vampire RPG Hosting

Our servers are designed with one goal in mind – to elevate your gameplay. Say goodbye to latency issues and hello to seamless adventures. With our hosting, your journey in V Rising will be nothing short of extraordinary.

What Is a Dedicated Server?

For the uninitiated, a dedicated server is the pinnacle of hosting solutions for gamers. Unlike shared hosting, where resources are divided among various users, a dedicated server is exclusively yours.

  • Optimal Performance: Experience the game as it's meant to be played, with consistently high performance and minimal lag.
  • Customized Settings: Tailor the game environment to your liking, with customizable settings that give you control over your gaming experience.
  • Robust Security: Play with peace of mind knowing that your gaming haven is fortified against online threats.

If you're ready to elevate your gaming experience, consider exploring our V Rising dedicated server plans, and also don't forget to check our VPS Servers, Linux VPS and Windows VPS for seamless and optimized hosting.

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V Rising Dedicated Server Plans

We understand that every gamer is unique, and so are their preferences. That's why we offer a range of V Rising Dedicated Server plans to suit your individual needs. Whether you're a lone vampire seeking solitude or part of a coven ready for epic battles, we have a plan crafted just for you.

CPU types
50 GB
50 GB


DS Intel Xeon E3 1230 V2 Intel Xeon E3 1230 V28 GB DDR31*1TB SATA or 1*120GB SSD 10TB @ 1Gbps 86$ monthly
DS Intel Xeon E3 1230 V2 Intel Xeon E3 1230 V28 GB DDR31*1TB SATA or 1*120GB SSD 10TB @ 1Gbps 86$ monthly
DS Intel Xeon E3 1230 V2 Intel Xeon E3 1230 V28 GB DDR31*1TB SATA or 1*120GB SSD 10TB @ 1Gbps 86$ monthly

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We have a lot more dedicated server options with different configurations and from multiple countries. You can click here to check our full list of dedicated server plans.

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Why 1Gbits V Rising Dedicated Servers?

Not all dedicated servers are created equal, and when it comes to hosting V Rising, 1Gbits stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Unmatched Speed

Benefit from lightning-fast speeds that keep you ahead in the game, leaving lag-ridden competitors in the dust.

24/7 Customer Support

Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist you, ensuring your gaming experience remains seamless.

Global Data Centers

With strategically located data centers around the globe, enjoy low latency and stable connections wherever you are.

V Rising Dedicated Server FAQs

Here are the most common questions about dedicated server hosting we get from our customers, Hence we elaborated our FAQ to ensure you find answers as quickly as possible.

How do I connect to a dedicated server in V Rising?


Connecting to a dedicated server in V Rising is a straightforward process. Once you've selected a plan from 1Gbits, you'll receive connection details. Use these details to log in, and voila – you're ready to immerse yourself in the vampire RPG world.

What are the minimum requirements for a V Rising dedicated server?


V Rising dedicated servers from 1Gbits have varying plans to accommodate different needs. While specific requirements may vary, a stable internet connection and a device that meets V Rising's minimum system requirements are essential.

Is V Rising dedicated server free?


No, V Rising dedicated servers are not free. However, the investment is worthwhile for serious gamers looking to enhance their gaming experience. Explore 1Gbits' plans to find the one that suits your needs.

What are the system requirements for a dedicated server?


System requirements for a V Rising dedicated server depend on the chosen plan. Generally, you'll need a device with sufficient processing power, memory, and storage to ensure optimal performance. Check 1Gbits' plans for detailed specification

Can you play V Rising on a private server?


Absolutely! With a V Rising dedicated server from 1Gbits, you have the freedom to create your private gaming haven. Customize settings, invite friends, and embark on nocturnal adventures together.

What are the features of 1Gbits Ubuntu VPS?


1Gbits Ubuntu VPS offers an array of features, including lightning-fast speeds, 24/7 customer support, and global data centers. Experience unmatched performance, stability, and security – the perfect combination for hosting your V Rising dedicated server.

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Margo KMargo N

1gbits is great. We have used 1gbits for the last five years. I could probably go into sales for you.

Margo KJohn S

1gbits is great. We have used 1gbits for the last five years. I could probably go into sales for you.