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Stream Beyond Limits

Experience the Power of Our Server for Streaming

  • Blazing Speeds: Experience lightning-fast streaming with our high-performance servers.
  • Uninterrupted Playback: Ensure smooth and buffer-free streaming for your audience.
  • Customizable Solutions: Tailor your server to meet your unique streaming requirements.
  • 24/7 Reliability: Enjoy uninterrupted service with our dependable streaming servers.
  • Global Reach: Reach audiences worldwide with our servers strategically located for optimal connectivity.
Buy CentOS VPS

Why we should Buy Server for Streaming?

Buy dedicated server for streaming offers numerous advantages that significantly enhance the overall streaming experience. A dedicated server provides robust computing power, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted video streaming by handling large volumes of data and concurrent connections. This results in minimal lag, faster load times, and high-quality video playback, crucial for retaining and attracting viewers. Additionally, dedicated servers offer the scalability to accommodate growing audience sizes and can be optimized for specific streaming requirements, such as transcoding or content delivery networks (CDNs).

Linux VPS Server

1Gbits Server for Streaming Plans

With a focus on delivering high-speed connectivity, these plans come equipped with 1 Gbps (Gigabit per second) bandwidth, ensuring a seamless streaming experience for both broadcasters and viewers. We recommend you to consider our VPS services like Windows VPS and Linux VPS.

Linux VPS 1$14.49Monthly plan
  • CPU : 1 Core
  • RAM : 1024 MB ECC DDR4
  • Storage : 20 GB
  • BW : Unlimited
  • IP V4 : 1 Free
  • IP V6 : 1 Free
Linux VPS 2$21.49Monthly plan
  • CPU : 1 Core
  • RAM : 2048 MB ECC DDR4
  • Storage : 50 GB
  • BW : Unlimited
  • IP V4 : 1 Free
  • IP V6 : 1 Free
Linux VPS 3$39.49Monthly plan
  • CPU : 2 Core
  • RAM : 4096 MB ECC DDR4
  • Storage : 80 GB
  • BW : Unlimited
  • IP V4 : 1 Free
  • IP V6 : 1 Free
Linux VPS 4$54.49Monthly plan
  • CPU : 4 Core
  • RAM : 8192 MB ECC DDR4
  • Storage : 150 GB
  • BW : Unlimited
  • IP V4 : 1 Free
  • IP V6 : 1 Free

Why should people choose our Server for Streaming?

In addition to high speed, stability, and our cheap plans, you can trust us because of the following reasons:

High Performance and Reliability

Our servers for streaming are equipped with robust hardware and high-speed connectivity, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. With dedicated resources, including ample bandwidth and powerful processors, our servers can handle the demands of streaming content, delivering smooth and uninterrupted playback to viewers.

Scalability to Accommodate Growing Audiences

As your streaming audience expands, our servers offer scalability to meet the increased demand. Whether you're a small-scale content creator or a growing streaming platform, our servers can easily scale to handle larger audiences without compromising on performance.

Advanced Features and Customization Options

Our streaming servers come with advanced features and customization options tailored to the specific requirements of streaming applications. This may include dedicated IP addresses, high-performance CPUs, and configurable storage options. These features allow you to optimize the server environment based on your streaming workflow, ensuring that you have the necessary resources and flexibility to deliver high-quality content to your audience.

What are the benefits of 1Gbits Server for Streaming?


Our servers provide top-tier streaming while maintaining blazing-fast and steady performance for an outstanding 99.9% uptime. Your streaming requirements need nothing less than our high-performance, dependable, and secure server solutions. Also, we offer VPS for SEO tools for those who are interested.


Turbocharged Streaming Performance

Supercharge your streaming services with our dedicated servers designed for turbocharged performance, ultra-low latency, and a cinematic content delivery experience. Our servers are your ticket to an entertainment powerhouse, ensuring your audience enjoys smooth streaming with no hiccups – just pure, uninterrupted joy.


Lightning-Fast Bandwidth for Instant Gratification

Buckle up for a warp-speed streaming journey! Our servers deliver an exhilarating 1 Gbps bandwidth, effortlessly handling massive data loads. Say goodbye to endless buffering – your content will load faster than a superhero on caffeine, providing your viewers with an instant, high-quality streaming thrill.


Seamless Showtime, Every Time

Lights, camera, and no interruptions! Our robust servers guarantee a flawless content delivery experience. Whether you're a solo creator or a streaming powerhouse, our dedicated servers ensure your audience enjoys a show without the annoying glitches – because every great performance deserves an uninterrupted encore.


Grow Your Fanbase, No Limits Attached

Ready for the big leagues? Our servers grow with you! As your fanbase expands, our scalable servers effortlessly adapt to meet the demand. No need to worry about hitting viewer milestones – we've got your back, ensuring your streaming service remains a top-tier experience for audiences of all sizes.


Tailor-Made Streaming Magic

Customize your streaming wonderland with features designed just for you. Dedicated IP addresses, powerhouse CPUs, and storage options that suit your style – our servers let you tailor your streaming environment. Unleash your creativity and adapt your setup to match the unique demands of your streaming adventures.


Rock-Solid Reliability for Pro-Level Streaming

Elevate your streaming game with our rock-solid infrastructure. Our servers are not just reliable; they're the backbone of professional streaming. By choosing us, you're investing in a streaming haven, ensuring your content creation journey is supported by an unwavering and dependable server environment. Because when it comes to streaming, you deserve nothing but the best.

Server for Streaming FAQs

You should explore these FAQs for quick insights into the security, accessibility, payment options, and support provided by 1Gbits Server for Streaming, ensuring a confident and informed choice.

What is the minimum bandwidth needed for smooth streaming?


What is the minimum bandwidth needed for smooth streaming?

Do your servers support customization for streaming workflows?


Yes, we offer customization options for tailored streaming experiences.

Can I scale my streaming server as my audience grows?


Yes, our servers are scalable to accommodate expanding viewer bases.

How reliable is the uptime of your streaming servers?


Our servers guarantee a 99.9% uptime for uninterrupted streaming.

What makes your servers secure for streaming content?


Secure enterprise network structure and RAID10 arrays enhance data protection.

What hardware features contribute to high-speed streaming?


Cutting-edge hardware and high-speed HDDs optimize streaming performance.

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1Gbits Customer Reviews

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Margo KMargo N

1gbits is great. We have used 1gbits for the last five years. I could probably go into sales for you.

Margo KJohn S

1gbits is great. We have used 1gbits for the last five years. I could probably go into sales for you.