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Server for SQL Database

Power your applications with dependable and scalable SQL database solutions hosted on our high-performance servers.

  • Experience lightning-fast response times for your applications with our dedicated SQL server hosting.
  • Protect your sensitive data with our robust security features and industry-leading compliance standards.
  • Seamlessly scale your resources as your database needs grow
  • Simplify database administration with our user-friendly tools and expert support.
  • Choose the perfect plan that fits your budget and specific database requirements.
Windows 10 VPS

Buy Server for SQL Database

1Gbits VPS Hosting offers dedicated SQL server solutions across 11 high-quality data centers, spanning over 8 locations worldwide. Choose your preferred operating system, Windows VPS or Linux VPS, and enjoy fast activation within 15 minutes. Our secure payment system accepts multiple methods including PayPal, Bitcoin, and more. Experience the difference with 1Gbits!

1Gbits Cheap Server for SQL Database Plans

Get online instantly! Order your VPS plan and be up and running in just 15 minutes after confirmation. We prioritize speed, reliability, and your satisfaction, ensuring a seamless transition to your new hosting environment with our different servers like Debian VPS server.

Buy Windows 10 VPS

Windows 10 VPS Server Plans

Windows VPS services are available in 4 plans. Choose one of the plans below and set your VPS up in less than 30 minutes.

Windows VPS 1$14.49monthly plan
  • CPU : 1 Core
  • RAM : 1024 MB ECC DDR3
  • Storage : 40 GB
  • BW : Unlimited(Europe)
  • IP V4 : 1 Free
  • IP V6 : 1 Free
Windows VPS 2$21.49monthly plan
  • CPU : 2 Core
  • RAM : 2048 MB ECC DDR3
  • Storage : 50 GB
  • BW : Unlimited(Europe)
  • IP V4 : 1 Free
  • IP V6 : 1 Free
Windows VPS 3$39.49monthly plan
  • CPU : 2 Core
  • RAM : 4096 MB ECC DDR3
  • Storage : 100 GB
  • BW : Unlimited(Europe)
  • IP V4 : 1 Free
  • IP V6 : 1 Free
Windows VPS 4$59.49monthly plan
  • CPU : 4 Core
  • RAM : 8192 MB ECC DDR3
  • Storage : 200 GB
  • BW : Unlimited(Europe)
  • IP V4 : 1 Free
  • IP V6 : 1 Free

Why 1Gbits Server for SQL Database?

Our dedicated servers provide speed and stability at an affordable price. Furthermore, they come with a variety of other benefits, including:

Reliable Connection:

A 1Gbit server provides solid and dependable connectivity, reducing latency and ensuring continuous access to your SQL database. This dependability is vital for mission-critical applications and business operations in which downtime is not acceptable.

Optimal Performance:

Using a 1Gbit server for your SQL database ensures lightning-fast data transmission speeds, resulting in faster query execution and overall system responsiveness, eventually improving the user experience.

Scalability and capacity:

With a 1Gbit server, you'll have plenty of bandwidth to manage growing data loads and concurrent connections in your database. This scalability allows smooth operations even during peak demand periods, without sacrificing performance.

1Gbits Server for SQL Database Features

Our VPS hosting servers like Windows 10 VPS provide speedy and stable performance, as well as a 99.9% uptime thanks to our secure enterprise network architecture. They also have a large traffic bandwidth thanks to cutting-edge hardware and high-speed HDDs configured in RAID10 arrays.


Unmatched Performance:

Experience lightning-fast response times and optimized queries with our dedicated SQL server infrastructure, ensuring smooth operation for even demanding applications.


Robust Security & Compliance:

Gain peace of mind with our industry-leading security features and adherence to strict compliance standards. Keep your sensitive data safe and protected.


Effortless Scalability:

Grow seamlessly with your needs. Easily scale your resources (CPU, RAM, storage) on the fly to accommodate increasing database size and user traffic.


Simplified Management:

Simplify database administration with our user-friendly control panel and intuitive tools. Manage users, permissions, and backups effortlessly, saving you valuable time and effort.


Global Reach & Choice:

Choose from multiple data centers strategically located across 8+ global regions for optimal performance and low latency. Select your preferred operating system, be it Windows or Linux, to best suit your needs.


Fast Activation & Expert Support:

Get started quickly! Your server will be activated within 15 minutes of purchase. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter.

FAQs about Server for SQL Database

We understand you may have questions about dedicated server hosting. We've compiled this FAQ to provide clear and concise answers so you can make informed decisions.

What is a server for SQL database?


A server for SQL database is a dedicated computing system designed to store, manage, and process SQL (Structured Query Language) databases, ensuring efficient data storage and retrieval.

Can I customize the server configuration for my SQL database?


Yes, dedicated servers allow for flexible configuration options, including CPU, RAM, storage capacity, and software setup tailored to the specific requirements of your SQL database.

Why do I need a dedicated server for my SQL database?


A dedicated server offers exclusive resources for your SQL database, ensuring optimal performance, reliability, and security, especially for high-traffic or mission-critical applications.

How do dedicated servers ensure data security for SQL databases?


Dedicated servers offer robust security measures such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, data encryption, and regular backups, safeguarding sensitive SQL database information from unauthorized access or data breaches.

What are the advantages of using a dedicated server for SQL database?


Dedicated servers provide enhanced performance, scalability, customization options, and better control over security settings compared to shared hosting or cloud-based solutions.

Is technical support available for managing the server and SQL database?


Yes, dedicated server hosting providers typically offer technical support services to assist with server setup, maintenance, troubleshooting, and optimizing SQL database performance, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing downtime.

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Margo KMargo N

1gbits is great. We have used 1gbits for the last five years. I could probably go into sales for you.

Margo KJohn S

1gbits is great. We have used 1gbits for the last five years. I could probably go into sales for you.