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FreeBSD Operating System

FreeBSD Operating System

FreeBSD Operating System

FreeBSD is a free and open-source Unix-based operating system developed from Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD), which in turn was based on Research Unix. With the original version of the software being released in 1993, as of 2005 FreeBSD was the most widely used open-source BSD operating system and accounting for more than three quarters of all installed BSD systems. The operating system comes with a multitude of great and useful features, one of which is the latest version of IPFW (IP Firewall) and IPfilter, which support both IPv4 and IPv6, as well includes the dummynet feature, allowing you to simulate adverse network conditions (latency, jitter, package-loss and limited bandwidth). Another fantastic feature are Jails, which are a light-weight alternative to virtualization, allowing processes to be restricted to a namespace with access only to the file systems and network addresses assigned to that namespace. FreeBSD also has Linux emulation, which provides a system call translation layer that allows unmodified Linux binaries to be run on FreeBSD systems.

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FreeBSD Operating System

FreeBSD Version

The average span of a single release generation of FreeBSD lasts around five years. Below you can see the full list of the latest and stable releases of the operating system. Please note that the EoL (Expected end-of-life) indicates the earliest date on which support for that branch will end. These dates may be pushed back of circumstances warrant it.

Name Version released Download
freebsd 10 10 2015/05/10 ISO 3.5g
freebsd 8.1 8.1 2013/03/15 ISO 3.5g
freebsd 7 7 2010/01/30 ISO 3.5g

Control panels installable on FreeBSD operating system

The FreeBSD operating system and it's hosting VPS provide users with multiple features such as service delivery over the internet as a web server. Similar to other Linux systems, FreeBSD contains numerous repositories for installing a variety of web server tools. FreeBSD commands can be adopted to use and manage web servers. However, you can use a variety of web hosting panels on FreeBSD VPS. You can also provide services on your website by ordering FreeBSD and benefiting from its simple and yet perfect graphical environment. In the following, you will see a list of all web hosting panels that can be installed on FreeBSD. x86 x86 x86 x86

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