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Buy Managed VPS Hosting

Managed VPS server hosting is extremely interesting for creating a first website or a low traffic site. Now when the traffic increases, you will quickly have to consider other options and this is where it may be interesting to consider adopting VPS hosting.
With such a plan, you are no longer going to share resources with other people and you can configure your server as you wish. After studying and comparing dozens of providers, we have selected the best VPS hosting plans for 2023 for you. Regarding its customer support, managed VPS server is able to bring us complete satisfaction.

Buy Windows VPS Server

Managed VPS server plans

Our managed VPS servers are made up of overly gathered and secure of latest generation through NVMe SSD storage drives.
Traders, who want a virtual private server actively seek to buy as much RAM memory and processor cores (vCPUs) as possible for their budget. But we must not forget that the capacity and the type of storage play a crucial role in the speed of your websites.

Windows VPS 1

14 $

Monthly plan

CPU : 2 Core
RAM : 1024 MB
HDD : 40 GB
BW : Unlimited(Europe)
1 TB (Other locations)
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Windows VPS 2

21 $

Monthly plan

CPU : 2 Core
RAM : 2048 MB
HDD : 50GB
BW : Unlimited(Europe)
2 TB (Other locations)
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Windows VPS 3

39 $

Monthly plan

CPU : 2 Core
RAM : 4096 MB
HDD : 100 GB
BW : Unlimited(Europe)
4 TB (Other locations)
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Windows VPS 4

59 $

Monthly plan

CPU : 4 Core
RAM : 8192 MB
HDD : 200 GB
BW : Unlimited(Europe)
4 TB (Other locations)
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Buy Managed VPS hosting

A Managed VPS server offers you 10x the power of a classic managed server with the flexibility of a VPS server, you are free from hardware constraints—failure, evolution.

cheap windows vps
NVMe storage

Our Managed VPS offers very large NVMe SSD storage space in hardware RAID 10 (10,000 IOPS).

buy windows vps
ISP Config Control Pane

ISPConfig web control panel included to easily manage your VPS server. Unlimited sites and domains.

windows vps hosting
24/7 outsourcing

A managed VPS, configured and ready to use. Focus on your business. our technicians take care of your server.

windows vps hosting
Certified infrastructure

Servers hosted in datacenters in France. Data centers certified to ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 standards.

Why 1Gbits Managed VPS Hosting?

There are many reasons why 1Gbits Managed VPS Hosting is the best!

Auto saves: Daily full automatic backups offered on an independent secure NAS server, 1-click restore.

Snapshots: The included snapshot tool is useful for backing up a system before making changes to it.

Uptime guaranteed: Guaranteed minimum 99.9% availability for projects that are always online, less prone to latency and outages.

Without engagement: Rent a managed VPS server for a month without being committed for 1 year, ideal for ephemeral web projects.

Managed server: Free server outsourcing. If you wish, LWS will manage your server completely and free of charge.

SSH root access: You get SSH root access and a web console to have full access to your server.

Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6: IPv4 and IPv6 addresses dedicated to your VPS server included. Order additional IPs if needed.


Here are the most common questions about dedicated server hosting we get from our customers, Hence we elaborated our FAQ to ensure you find answers as quickly as possible.

A VPS stands for “Virtual Private Server” or “Virtual Private Server”. It is a type of website hosting that comes with dedicated resources guaranteed to your account like RAM memory, vCPU, IOPS, disk space. To do so, a managed server is virtualized, its resources are distributed among the users of this server. You have whatever you choose, regardless of what other users are doing on the same cloud infrastructure.
Virtual means that a physical server partition is dedicated to you and not an entire physical server, so a VPS is cheaper than a dedicated server while giving you dedicated resources, it's a very good compromise!
The fact that the storage space of your LWS VPS is 100% SSD further improves its power and speed. Host your sites (showcase, e-commerce, media, community...) and applications (portals, etc.) in the best conditions.

Managing a VPS usually requires knowledge of server administration (operating system management, application settings). However, by choosing a managed VPS server (Debian + ISPConfig VPS control panel), you get guaranteed resources for your site with no increased knowledge needed.
The outsourcing of your server by our team is delivered at no additional cost and makes the VPS server accessible to as many people as possible. You don't have to do anything, our team takes care of the updates and ensures the security of your managed VPS.

Yes, you can host an unlimited number of websites on a single VPS server. The resources of your formula will therefore be shared between your different sites. Allocate the right amount of resources to each site and get started!

Yes, you can change the VPS formula at any time to upgrade your resources at the same time as your website. Upgrade to a higher pack simply from your customer area with no downtime.

We don't have much to complain about. Although at almost the same price, The Company has proven to be a bit more powerful, our team offer remains efficient. Your site (or app/service) will be able to run at more than decent speeds. The big plus of this VPS hosting is the fact that it is possible to adapt its characteristics at any time, hot. You will only have to go to your customer area to add RAM, CPUs or disk space.

A VPS server provides you with managed resources. This means that your account will always be allocated the amount of RAM, CPU, and disk space you choose, regardless of what other users are doing on the server. This helps improve the stability and performance of your website. You also do not share the operating system with other users, which provides better security for your website files. Our VPS servers are 100% outsourced and turnkey (or ROOT SSH if you choose to manage the technical part of your server yourself). You don't have to do anything, our team takes care of the updates and ensures the security of your managed VPS.

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