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Join our new Affiliate program and evolve your business!

We have created a new program for all users who like to double their business income.
1Gbits Affiliate program has been added to the Dashboard for the first time and all time!


When you are signed up in 1Gbits, you are qualified for the Affiliate program at the moment. Share your Affiliate link, and track your activities: 1Gbits Dashboard's built-in Affiliate program provides all information about your referrals purchased products, total views, affiliate balance, and withdrawable credit which makes it easy to track all your referrals in an integrated system.

affiliate 1gbits
Step 1

Sign up/ log in to the 1Gbits Dashboard through the link below:

Step 2

Now from the top of the menu click on Account and then choose the Affiliate tab. On this page, your unique Affiliate Link is generated. You need to share it with your clients.

Step 3

Now through this page, you can track all your referral activities, Affiliate total balance, withdrawable credit, and all products purchased by your referrals.

Affiliate FAQs

Here are the most common questions about dedicated server hosting we get from our customers, Hence we elaborated our FAQ to ensure you find answers as quickly as possible.

Very Simple! To join our affiliate program, sign up on the 1Gbits website and go to the “” and click on “get your link”.

To promote 1gbits servers and get your commission, introduce our services to your online audience on every social media channel such as Instagram, Facebook, Quora, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as your website, blog, forums, Podcast episodes, email marketing lists, YouTube videos, and so on.

For every referral(service purchase), you will earn 10% commission.

After confirming the earned commissions, if the limit is reached to $50, you can send the ticket for withdrawal. (This will be confirmed just by 1Gbits affiliate links).
The minimum sales rate for all of the referrals is $50 (This will be confirmed just by 1Gbits affiliate links).

The service upgrades, downgrades, or any other plan change are not included in the affiliate program.

Requests for withdrawal of commission rates will be redeemed into the PayPal, BTC and Perfect Money accounts.

The commission rate is applicable for all subscriptions.

As you know, the created link is a unique one which belongs to your referrals. So, the owner of the link (you) cannot use the link to purchase service on behalf of clients. The paid invoice should always belong to the customer who owns the account.

All the provided services on 1gbits website are applicable for affiliate programs.

Withdrawing the commission must be followed by submitting tickets. All the tickets regarding affiliate programs will be verified through the Billing department.

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