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Windows OS

Windows OS

Windows OS

Windows Server is a group of operating systems designed by Microsoft that supports enterprise-level management, data storage, applications, and communications. Previous versions of Windows Server have focused on stability, security, networking, and various improvements to the file system. Alongside the services offered by Windows Server itself, this OS can be a good host for other web applications, which can be installed to gain higher performance. Other improvements also have included improvements to deployment technologies, as well as increased hardware support. Microsoft has also created specialized SKUs of Windows Server that focus on the home and small business markets.

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Windows OS


Microsoft has launched different versions of Windows Server and Client. We bring to you a complete list of authentic and supported versions of Windows Server.

Name Version released Download
windows 10 10 2015/05/10 ISO 3.5g
windows 8.1 8.1 2013/03/15 ISO 3.5g
windows 7 7 2010/01/30 ISO 3.5g

Windows Control Panles

Microsoft Windows itself benefits from a web host called IIS, which can be handled and set up with minimum expertise. However, different companies have been developing web hosting control panels in an effort to provide integrated website services. Web-based panels give you countless possibilities including but not limited to content management system, construction of databases, file control and management, domain control and management etc. This will help you conveniently operate tools without any expertise. In the next section, you will see a list of different panels that can be installed and run on Windows. x86 x86 x86 x86

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