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Ubuntu OS

Ubuntu OS


Ubuntu VPS is one of the most popular Internet services attracting a lot of users owing to its easy-to-use features. Along with its dedicated resources, this operating system can be highly effective in every scenario and resource, offering a smooth and perfect performance. As a Debian-based Linux, apart from the benefits of Debian, Ubuntu provides users with multiple features. Relying on its full software repositories, Ubuntu facilitates installation and service delivery as a perfect Enterprise server. By the same token, we have prepared Ubuntu VPS for different plans, which you can easily choose and order.

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Similar to other Linuxs systems, Ubuntu has different versions, offering a full and stable version almost every two years. These versions are released based on the modifications made in Linux kernel. In the following, we list the currently valid and stable version of Ubuntu. You can review and order your required Ubuntu VPS.

Name Version released Download
ubuntu 10 10 2015/05/10 ISO 3.5g
ubuntu 8.1 8.1 2013/03/15 ISO 3.5g
ubuntu 7 7 2010/01/30 ISO 3.5g

Control panels installable on Ubuntu operating system

There are tools in Ubuntu repositories that you can turn them into a fully professional web server by after installing on Ubuntu VPS. However, it seems slightly difficult to control and manage Ubuntu since all operations involve Linux commands. In this respect, many companies have developed numerous web hosting panels, offering you a modern graphical environment when they are installed on Ubuntu. You can easily manage and control a website and its files, install security tools, manage domains and DNS, without any need to insert commands in Ubuntu terminal. We have prepared for you a list of Ubuntu installable panels. You can review each option and order one for your VPS. x86 x86 x86 x86

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