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Install Bind on CentOS 7

Install Bind on CentOS 7


Jan, 18


Bind is a DNS service that can be installed on most Linux distributions and its high popularity is for both high performance and being free. BIND, like other DNS servers, has a standardized and integrated architecture, and has the ability to add multiple domains. In this tutorial we will learn how to Install Bind on CentOS 7. Install Bind on CentOS 7 Update your CentOS using the below command: yum update –y Reboot your server after updating CentOS: reboot Now, Install bind and its...

How To install BIND on Ubuntu 16

How To install BIND on Ubuntu 16


Sep, 16


How To install BIND on Ubuntu 16 BIND (Berkely Internet Name Domain) is a popular software for translating domain names into IP addresses and usually found on Linux VPS & Linux Dedicated Server. This article will explain the basic concepts of DNS BIND and analyse the associated files required to successfully setup your own DNS BIND server. After reading this article, you will be able to successfully install and setup a Linux BIND DNS server for your network. INSTALL BIND Type this...

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