How to reissue a RapidSSL Certificate

October 19, 2016

How to reissue a RapidSSL Certificate

To reissue a RapidSSL Certificate, perform the following steps.

Step 1: Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

For assistance with generating your CSR please click here.

Step 2: Access the RapidSSL User Portal

– Browse to
– Provide the following information:

• The fully qualified domain name (common name) or Order ID for the certificate.
• An email address contained on the order records.
• The 5 digit code from the captcha image.

– You may be presented with a list of order numbers. Select Request Access against the current order ID, the reissue option will not be available on previous versions of the certificate.
– An email will be sent to the technical contact email address specified above
– Click on the link listed in the email to enter the User Portal
– Click the Reissue Certificate option in the left hand column

NOTE: If the Reissue option is not available or disabled please contact Customer Support Department to request a manual re-issuance.

Email: [email protected]
Chat: Chat support

– On the following screen select your Hashing Algorithm, then copy and paste the new CSR
– Select the Subscriber Agreement, click Submit
– After the order is approved the certificate will be re-issued

The Common Name can not be changed with a reissue
RapidSSL – requires a manual approval through domain authorization e-mail for certificate re-issuance

Step 3: RapidSSL Certificate installation

For certificate installation steps please click here for documentation.