How To Install Fping on CentOS 7

September 26, 2016

What is Fping?

How To Install Fping? Fping is a small program that uses ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) echo request that the target host is responding like ping command in Linux. It’s totally different from ping command as it use to ping number of specified hosts on the command line or specify file having list of IP address to ping.

For example, we can specify the complete network Fping like ( Class ‘C‘ Network). It will send Fping request to host and move to another target host as you mentioned. This works like round robin. Unlike ping, Fping is meant for basically scripting. You need to install Fping packages separately as this doesn’t included with Operating System.

How To Install Fping on CentOS 7

First, download fping source package to your linux server (latest version is 3.10):

To install an application fping follows these steps:

You can can compile fping with support for IPv6 addresses follow next steps:

Example usage fping program

Fping multiple ip address:

Fping range of ip address:

Fping complite network

Show fping version

Congratulation’s! You have successfully installed Fping.

 How To Install Fping