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FreeBSD is one of the most widely used Unix-based operating systems for those who want to work directly with Unix and web-based apps, while developing their own Unix versions. FreeBSD VPS also performs with minimal resources, occupying few hardware resources owing to small loading. Depending on your requirements, you can use FreeBSD and its powerful features.

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FreeBSD Version

Since FreeBSD is a Unix-like operating system, it is preferred by plenty of users for software development, etc. Each user requires a different versions for certain tasks. We have listed all authentic freeBSD versions currently offering full security and support. You review each option and order your favorite FreeBSD VPS.

Name Version released Download
freebsd 10 10 2015/05/10 ISO 3.5g
freebsd 8.1 8.1 2013/03/15 ISO 3.5g
freebsd 7 7 2010/01/30 ISO 3.5g

Control panels installable on FreeBSD operating system

The FreeBSD operating system and its hosting VPS provide users with multiple features such as service delivery over the Internet as a web server. Similar to other Linux systems, FreeBSD contains numerous repositories for installing a variety of web server tools. FreeBSD commands can be adopted to use and manage web servers. However, you can use a variety of web hosting panels on FreeBSD VPS. You can also provide services on your website by ordering FreeBSD and benefiting from its simple and yet perfect graphical environment. In the following, you will see a list of all web hosting panels that can be installed on FreeBSD. x86 x86 x86 x86

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