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A a perfect and popular web hosting control panel, Cpanel comes with many advantages and features as follows.


Cpanel VPS consists of a Linux operating system with a Cpanel panel available to users. After ordering this service, you initially choose one of the operating systems on which Cpanel can be installed. After installing, Cpanel will provide you with a plenty of features, including full management of files, control and management of multiple domains and DNS, management and control domain-specific emails, security settings to increase the security of servers and websites, control and creation of MySQL database, etc. Cpanel is a commercial panel in which you pay monthly fees for Linux VPS in addition to fee of about $10 per month for the panel itself. The cost of panel and VPS is calculated and charged together at the end of each month. In the following, you can click on the button below to view a list of all servers with suitable hardware for launching Cpanel.

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OS Support

To run Cpanel on a VPS, you should use a Linux operating system to host the panel. Cpanel can be installed on most Unix and Linux releases. However, some operating systems support Cpanel features better. We have provided a list of these operating systems in the following. x86