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Hosting Control Panels

Web hosting control panel is a management and control software offering numerous features to optimally provide web services through the operating system. The control panels are selected and installed depending on the the performance. You can use a control panel to manage and create website content, files, database, DNS records, security settings and so on in a completely graphical environment.


  • Graphical environment and easy access
  • Ability to control and manage emails
  • Full domain and DNS management
  • Full file and database management
  • Management and configuration of security settings

Key benefits of using control panels

To create and manage a website, the best strategy is control panel for hosting. Various control panels are available for this purpose on the Internet, providing various options to the user. You need to carefully examine the features and advantages of each control panel prior to selecting the appropriate control panel. Several important features to be considered in choosing a control panel are as follows.


The ability to create Reseller service is one of the main features of a hosting control panel.


Ability to create and manage website backups as well as the ability to easily restore backups

Firewall and security

Ability to check and perform security settings as well as installing security software and plugins on control panels

Ongoing monitoring

Ability to monitor services and websites through a graphical environment

Control Panels

Control panels have been developed to create a graphical environment and make the most efficient use of web server services. Meanwhile, four control panels can be mentioned as the most comprehensive and powerful panels available. You can review the features and conditions of these panels before submitting an order.


cPanel is the most popular and most comprehensive web hosting control panel, whose first edition was released in 1996. This powerful control panel can be installed on most Linux and Unix releases, offering full features for managing and controlling a website, web content, databases, DNS records and security. User can conveniently implement their operations in a graphical environment.

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As an emerging control panel in web hosting, DirectAdmin is has somehow become one of the main competitors of cPanel. As a Canadian control panel, the first version of DirectAdmin was released in 2003. It has been dramatically developed to provide better services and features to users. This control panel can be installed on most Linux and Unix releases. It can manage website content, files, databases, maintain security, control DNS records, email, etc.

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Plesk is essentially a Windows control panel, the first version of which was developed in 1998. Plesk has also offered a versions to be installed on Linux. However, Plesk is generally regarded as Windows control panel. Plesk owes its popularity to support for ASP and PHP and simultaneous support for MySQL and MS SQL as well as a smooth graphical environment. Other features of this panel include advanced file management, domain and DNS management, email management, and automatic script installation

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Interworx is an extremely light and simple control panel offering numerous perfect features. This control panel was first introduced under Nexus Project in 2000. Later in 2004, its first stable release was introduced as Interworx. This control panel offers low monthly fees and full features in a sophisticated, smooth graphical environment, which are all appealing to a huge population of fans. Similar to other top web hosting panels, Interworx offers multiple capabilities in managing files, emails, domain, DNS and security settings.

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