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Centos serves as an operating system relying on RHEL basic architecture for development. It offers numerous features and benefits to users, attracting a massive population of fans. Hence, Centos VPS is one of the most popular Internet services capable of hosting countless services and providing users with a wealth of tools through its full software repositories. Today, owing to proximity of operating mode and the ability to use RHEL packages, Centos has become the most expensive Linux operating system in the world. You can enjoy the benefits of this open-source operating system by ordering Centos VPS.

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Similar to all other operating systems, Centos has been upgraded in different years as new RHEL versions are offered. Every Centos editions has offered several features and benefits in terms of usability and security. In the following, you will see a list of Centos versions currently authentic and widely used. After reviewing and choosing the desired version, you can order a favorite Centos VPS.

Name Version released Download
centos 10 10 2015/05/10 ISO 3.5g
centos 8.1 8.1 2013/03/15 ISO 3.5g
centos 7 7 2010/01/30 ISO 3.5g

Control panels installable on Centos operating system

Nowadays, Centos as a web server is considered a conscious choice. Owing to its full repositories and support for RPM packages, Centos can become a fully professional web server. Similar to other Linuxs systems, Centos can be used when you are sufficiently familiar with the textual environment and terminal for setting up and managing the web server. In this regard, several companies have been developing website hosting panels, enabling you to set up and manage your website, domain and DNS through a fully graphical, modern environment. The following is a list of web hosting panels installable on Centos. x86 x86 x86 x86

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