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New Intel server CPU processors 2020


Oct, 20

Intel was using Pentium servers before the up-gradation of Intel cores. Now, Intel Xeon processors have replaced the previous ones with the latest and advanced features.

The Intel Xeon servers are believed to be the finest and fast operating servers to accommodate your needs. Moreover, the servers provide an excellent workstation for small scale businesses and mobile companies to get all the benefits.

Why Intel rather than AMD?

intel vs amd

The Intel servers are more incredible with enhanced and authentic features. They represent the latest technology and ideas to empower business opportunities.

If you are looking for a server to bear the high capacity workload, Intel server is the best thing to have. On the other hand, AMD is better for gaming and working conditions but needs little amendment in its speed and load-bearing qualities.

That's why Intel processors are the best from the rest in providing you the quality service with durability.

What are some known Intel processors?

If you want to increase your device's ability to operate quickly, an Intel processor should be the first thing to setup on your CPU. The processors will provide high-end security at cloud storage and increase the efficiency of the device by giving the system stability and speed.

If we talk about its versions, then you will be amazed to know the features and qualities they have to offer. Let’s go through a few of them:

New Intel Xeon scalable processor

Intel Xeon Scalable processor presents the most reliable workstation for workloads and real-time analytics, possessing artificial intelligence.

The server is incredible in speeding up the system with different reliability purposes. You can manage your work detail within seconds at high speed.

There is nothing to beat this processor in speed and quality. Real-time management is achieved by using this server.

Intel Xeon D processors

By installing the Intel D processor within your system, you can get the highest security level with reliable upcoming business moves. The data is stored in cloud storage, and nothing is more convenient in bringing the detail within seconds.

The business promotions are being watched with generous support, and its communication with the consumer is very reliable in building a favorable atmosphere around.

Moreover, you can assess your capabilities by developing powerful support for the system.

Intel Xeon W processor

intel xeon w processors

The extremely secured device with vibrant graphics and network is brought to you by Intel Xeon W processor. The server is very efficient in giving the highest level of security for maintaining the detail with excellent managing abilities.

However, it protects the hard drive and its features to a great extent. The processor is impressive in controlling the mainstream with commendable skills. So, why not using this multiple processors for fastening your work speed.

Final words

Intel core processors are famous for bringing the new and latest technology for experiencing the high-end servers. The up-gradation from the previous version to the most recent is more practical and appreciable. You can use the processors with ease, and nothing is complicated in its installation. The things become relatively easy and simple as compared to working with AMD devices. Quick and secured features improve the quality of work.

Our servers are run on the latest versions of Intel processors. You can get a high powered dedicated server or a VPS with enough power to get your work done with ease.

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