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Install OpenVAS in Kali Linux

Before installing OpenVAS, run the following  command to update your system:

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Install OpenVAS in Kali Linux

OpenVAS is an open source vulnerability scanner used to perform network vulnerability tests in Linux. This scanner plays important role in penetration testing. You can handle more then one target host at a time using the OpenVAS. OpenVAS uses SQL Database to store scanning results and configurations.

Installation of OpenVAS Vulnerability Scanner

ُStep 1: Update your server

apt-get update

Step 2: Install OpenVAS

use the following command to install OpenVAS:

apt-get install openvas

Step 3: Configure OpenVAS

using the following command, configure OPenVAS:


At the end of this command output you will see your admin user password in a line simillar to following:


Step 4: Start the OpenVAS services

you must start OpenVAS service using following command:


Step 5: Opening OpenVAS Web Interface

Open your browser and type in address bar, accept the self signed SSL certificate you must see below page:


Login your dashboard using Admin as username and its password that was generated during the third phase:


After login you will face a page like the following picture. Yo can navigate to Scans menu and click on Tasks submenu to launch new scan. Click on Item specified in the following picture to start a scan:


type your IP and press start scan.


When scan is completed, you can see its result and reports from the Scan menu.


Congratulations! OpenVAS is ready for you to configure it and run a scan against a given IP or range.

If you are facing any problem with the installation, feel free to comment here. We will help you to solve the issue.




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2018 May 23, 00:05:12

Hi, thanks for the info. Do you ever encounter the error message "Warning: SecInfo Database Missing" on the home screen in the top left.

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