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Top 3 Supermicro motherboards for 2020

With the advances of technology it’s not difficult to find some high performing motherboards for a high price. However, if quality is a priority, Supermicro is the way to go. Thus, it’s the newest type of motherboard with enhanced and advanced features to facilitate you for your needs.

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Top 3 Supermicro motherboards for 2020

It's the best option if you want an all-in-one motherboard with excellent commanding qualities. The product is inexpensive and equipped with all multitude of features.

What is a Supermicro motherboard?

Now, you must be thinking what is a Supermicro motherboard? The answer is simple. The supermicro board is the gaming board to support the next and latest versions of CPU, hard drives, and memory. Moreover, its features are highly optimized, and you can get an unbelievable result while using it.

The Supermicro motherboard is one of the top tier boards in the server industry which are used only in the top datacenters. We at 1Gbits are proud to say that our dedicated servers are run on the latest Supermicro boards to provide only the best to our clients.

How to choose the perfect supermicro board?

When choosing the perfect dedicated server it's extremely important to make the right choice for the motherboard. The motherboard is the backbone of a system, and it’s essential to select the appropriate product to carry your system above and beyond.

Supermicro boards are equipped with a special socket when connecting the CPU to the board. This connection makes the performance of the whole system to function smoothly and with immense speeds. However you should take care when selecting the apropriate CPU processor for your system Currently the most commen server processors for 2020 are Intel and AMD.

Supermicro MBD-X11SCL-IF-O X11SCL-IF

Some of the key features to take into note with this board is that:

  • supports Intel E and Xeon processors, Pentium, Core processors, Celeron processors
  • Intel C242 chipset controller
  • Up to 64GB DDR4 2666MHz ECC UDIMM; 2 DIMM slots
  • Dual GbE LAN with Intel® i210-AT
  • 4 SATA3 (6Gbps); RAID 0, 1, 5, 10
  • M.2 NGFF connector

Moreover, the device has a memory speed of 2666 MHz. Hence, you would be able to attach this device to your motherboard for decisive working actions. 

supermicro MBD-X11SCL-IF-O X11SCL-IF

Supermicro Motherboard MBD-X11SCA-F-O 

If you are looking for the latest microchip chipboard to support your Intel range of 8th, 9th, Intel I series and Pentium systems, then, this should be your go-to choice. This microchip board will definitely increase the capability of your CPU.

The device comprises of:

  • Intel C246 controller with 8 SATA 3 ports.
  • It supports the E-processor of Xeon serve.
  • Single socket H4 to RAID 0, 1, 5, 10.
  • The most beneficial device to support TDP and 95 W TDP.
  • Up to 128GB Unbuffered ECC/non-ECC UDIMM, DDR4-2666MHz, in 4 DIMM slots

Supermicro Motherboard MBD-X11SCA-F-O

SuperMicro X11SPA-T Motherboard

This incredible device:

  • Supports TDP, 205 W TDP
  • Intel C261 controller is for 8 SATA 3 ports.
  • The device supports Intel Xeon processor, Single Socket LGA-3647, and w32xx processors.
  • The device has 1 VGA that is directly connected to IPMI.
  • It has 12 DIMM slots for 2TB 3DS ECC LRDIMM, DDR4-2933MHz or 3TB DCPMM, DDR4-2666MH.

So, you can have it safely within your system.

SuperMicro X11SPA-T Motherboard

Final words

The supermicro board has all the latest features to facilitate your system. It’s time to say good bye to all the time you spent waiting for your programs to load on your PC. Connect it with a wonderful supermicro device, and get the unlimited benefits.

Your system will run smoothly, and you won't experience any kind of lagging while playing games or doing your work.

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